Thanet District Council

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Thanet District Council
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Founded 1 April 1974
Janet Falcon,      UKIP
Bob Bayford,      Conservative
Seats 56
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Political groups
Last election
7 May 2015

Thanet District Council is the local government body for the Thanet district.[2][3] Its administrative centre is Margate. It is one of the district councils in Kent. On a national level, Thanet forms part of two parliamentary constituencies at Westminster and is represented in Parliament by two MPs.


The district was formed by the merger of:

Isle of Thanet Rural District was created by the Local Government Act 1894 and was abolished in 1935.


Thanet district council is responsible for providing clear leadership to the community and to continuously improve the delivery of local services.[dubious ] These services include: leisure, environmental health, housing — including the provision of social housing and housing benefit and rubbish collection. (First tier authorities have no responsibility for highways and under statute this function cannot be passed between different levels of local government.) Kent County Council is responsible for more strategic services such as education, libraries, main roads, social services, trading standards and transport.


The powers of the council are specified in its constitution [1] in accordance with the Local Government Act 2000.

The council is a Cabinet-style council with a Leader and the Cabinet itself, which is formed by the majority party in the District. Decisions on the Council's services are made by the Executive (or cabinet) which comprises 5 councillors. Each member of the Cabinet holds a separate portfolio. The Leader and Cabinet are responsible for policies, plans and strategies, and for recommending them to the overall Council, which is convened as a whole, at regular council meetings. The full council consists of 56 councillors.

The Cabinet is held to account by the remainder of the Councillors acting as Overview and Scrutiny which verify that decisions are appropriate and can prevent a decision taking immediate effect. The council is chaired by Cllr Janet Falcon and led by Cllr Bob Bayford.[4][5][6][7]


Mayors are ceremonial figures whose only real power is to chair sessions of their Councils.[4]

  • Mayor of Margate: Councillor Robin Edwards
  • Mayor of Ramsgate: Councillor Trevor Shonk
  • Mayor of Broadstairs: Councillor Peter Shaw


Councillors are responsible for the appointment and oversight of officers, who are delegated to perform most tasks. The Chief Executive Officer, has overall responsibility for council employees and operates in conjunction with department heads.

  • Chief Executive Officer: Madeline Homer
  • Director Of Operations: Gavin Waite
  • Director Of Community Services: Not filled
  • Corporate & Regulatory Services Manager: Not filled



The civil parishes located in the district are:


Elections are held every four years. The last council election took place on 7 May 2015, which saw UKIP take majority control of the council with 33 seats. The Conservative Party won 18 seats, the Labour Party won 4 seats, and one Independent was elected.[9] By-elections and defections have since reduced UKIP to a minority of seats. UKIP lost the leadership of the council to the Conservatives in March 2018. The next election is due in May 2019.

Electoral wards

The district is divided into 23 electoral wards, mainly located in the coastal resorts of Margate, Cliftonville, Broadstairs and Ramsgate.[10]

History of control

Election Party
1973 Conservative
1987 No overall control
1991 Conservative
1995 Labour
2003 Conservative
2011 No overall control
2015 UKIP
2015 No overall control
2016 UKIP
2017 No overall control


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