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Thai hip hop is hip hop music made in Thailand. Pioneer artists by Joey Boy and popular hip hop artists of Thailand include Dajim, Southside, Fukking Hero, Sing Neua Seua Tai, Buddha Bless and Thaitanium.[1]


In early 1990s, Thai hip hop is origins by pop/dance artists include Jetrin Wattanasin's Jor-Ae-Bor (จ เ-ะ บ) and Touch Na Takuathung's Touch Thunder (ทัช ธันเดอร์), both album mixed dance-pop with rap, also artists such as Raptor a duo consisting of Louis Scott and Joni Anwar mixed dance-pop with rap and some success in song "Superhero" (ซูเปอร์ฮีโร่) from album Raptor (แร็พเตอร์). Later, Joey Boy was signed to Bakery Music, which became a success in his debut album, Joey Boy. in 2001 GMM Grammy it launched the hip hop artists are Dajim, which became a success in album Rap Thai (แร็พไทย). Thai hip hop labels include N.Y.U. Club and Joey Boy's Gancore Club.

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