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Some notes on 'historical'

I added a 'historical' section, as it seemed inappropriate for this navbox to not include all nations that had competed at the Commonwealth or British Empire Games, and in fact, it already did include a couple, notably Hong Kong and Ireland. Still, there are a few issues that need adressing that I'm not at all certain of.

First off, Ireland. I have created separate sections for 'Ireland' and 'Irish Free State', as they seem to me to be distinct entities, but I am not sure if this is appropriate, or if perhaps a single 'Ireland' page encompassing both entries should be linked to.

Second, Newfoundland. I have considered this in a separate section, as I find it to be similar to the cases of Sarawak and Malaya.

Third, Aden/South Arabia/Yemen. This was previously listed as 'Yemen', but I cannot find any evidence that any team competed after 1967, the date wikipedia gives for the foundation of South Yemen. The CGF website lists this team as 'Aden', but Aden was incorporated into South Arabia in February 1963 (again per wikipedia). By the previous approach to incorporation of states, as in Newfoundland and Malaysia, should South Arabia and Aden have seperate entries, or remain as one?

Finally, Sabah. Wiki gives the date for the change from 'North Borneo' to 'Sabah' as 1963, after the last appearance of this team. The CGF name is 'Sabah', but I don't believe that any team ever appeared at a Commonwealth Games under that name, so I chose to use 'North Borneo'.

For the most part, I tried to go with my best understanding of the history, and with common sense, but there is definitely room for improvement. Edged (talk) 13:19, 20 August 2008 (UTC)

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