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This template provides standard responses for requests for confirmed permissions at Wikipedia:Requests for permissions/Confirmed. You should not feel limited by these responses and should ensure that your response adequately addresses the user's request and provides them useful information about how to proceed.

: {{subst:RFPC|option}} ~~~~

Result Code Normalized code
 Done - You are now confirmed. {{subst:RFPC|d}} {{subst:RFPC|done}}
Already done - You are already autoconfirmed. {{subst:RFPC|ad}} {{subst:RFPC|alreadydone}}
 Revoked {{subst:RFPC|r}} {{subst:RFPC|revoked}}
Not done {{subst:RFPC|nd}} {{subst:RFPC|notdone}}
Not done - Hi, and thank you for creating an account to edit Wikipedia. Although I fully understand your desire to dive right in, many of our articles are semi-protected because they are controversial, prone to vandalism, or other reasons. As a new editor with few edits, it might be wise to discuss your edits on the article talkpage in order to gain consensus for your edits, and then use {{Edit semi-protected}} to request the edit be performed. I only recommend this until you're used to the challenges of reliable sources, the biographies of living persons policy, and other similar policies. The good news is that fewer than 5% of Wikipedia articles are protected; this means that 95% of the articles can use your help right now! {{subst:RFPC|nd95}} {{subst:RFPC|notdone95}}
Not done - If the file you want to upload is available under a free license, it should be uploaded to our free media repository, the Commons. You do not need any special permissions to upload there, and you can use the same username and password you use here. If it is not available under a free license, it should be requested using the Files for Upload process, which does not require any special permissions. {{subst:RFPC|ndf}} {{subst:RFPC|notdonefile}}
Not done - User blocked for having a promotional username. {{subst:RFPC|ndpromou}} {{subst:RFPC|notdonepromotionalusername}}
Not done - Not done as there has been no reason given. Please reread the text at the top of this page and submit another request only if appropriate. {{subst:RFPC|ndng}} {{subst:RFPC|nonegiven}}
Not done - Not done as there has been no response. {{subst:RFPC|ndnr}} {{subst:RFPC|noresponse}}
Not done - Anonymous editors cannot be granted additional privileges. Although not formally needed to edit Wikipedia, there are many benefits to creating an account. {{subst:RFPC|ip}} {{subst:RFPC|ipaddress}}
Not done - Not done as per above. {{subst:RFPC|ndpa}} {{subst:RFPC|perabove}}
Symbol question.svg Question - You appear to be confirmed already. Could you please explain what message(s) you see/problems you're having that make you think that you are not? {{subst:RFPC|why}} {{subst:RFPC|whydoyouthinkthat}}
 Comment: - An extraneous header or other inappropriate text was removed from this request. {{subst:RFPC|hr}} {{subst:RFPC|headerremoved}}
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