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This template is a navbox, and may be transcluded to the bottom of an article.

Guidelines for adding articles to this navbox

  1. This navbox is for navigational purposes only. As such, do not add schools or martial arts for which no article exists, or for which the article is only a stub. Start-class articles and above only, please.
  2. This navbox is only for listing schools of Japanese martial arts which are considered koryū. For the purposes of this navbox, a school is koryū if it was founded in Japan prior to March 28, 1876, the day on which Emperor Meiji issued the Haitō edict.[1]
  3. The "Traditional arts practiced" section of the navbox is only for listing Japanese martial arts that were actually practiced prior to the Meiji period, not their modern descendants. As such, Iaijutsu is listed, but not Iaidō; likewise, Kenjutsu is listed, but not Kendo.
  4. Add articles alphabetically within each "century". When determining alphabetical order, ignore macrons, and treat hyphens as if they were spaces.

Adding this navbox to an article

  1. The navbox should be added to all of the schools listed in the template.
  2. The navbox should also appear at the articles Koryū, and Japanese martial arts.
  3. In the interest of preventing information overload, especially to the casual reader, please discuss here, or on the talk page for the WikiProject Martial Arts before utilizing the navbox elsewhere.

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