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External resources
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To be used with {{Infobox medical condition (new)}} to display parameters and data that is important, but not relevant to the average reader. It goes in the first part of the section called "External links".

Please note; because the external link used by each resource template will act as its own reference, there is no requirement for further verifiability within this template. (Any reference provided will also fail to populate the article Reference list.)


External resources
{{Medical resources
| ICD10           = <!--{{ICD10|Xxx.x}}-->
| ICD9            = <!--{{ICD9|xxx}}-->
| ICDO            = 
| OMIM            = 
| DiseasesDB      = 
| MedlinePlus     = 
| eMedicineSubj   = 
| eMedicineTopic  = 
| MeshID          = 
| GeneReviewsNBK  = 
| GeneReviewsName = 
| NORD            = 
| GARDNum         = 
| GARDName        = 
| Orphanet        = 
| AO              = 
| RP              = 
| WO              = 
| OrthoInfo       = 
| NCI             = 
| Scholia         = 
| SNOMED CT       =


|ICD10= The ICD-10 code. Use the {{ICD10}} template to link-out. Search tool here
|eMedicine= eMedicine article reference. Multiple items possible by numbering tags eMedicine1, eMedicine2 etc.
|MeshID= MeSH ID. Multiple items possible by numbering tags MeSH1, MeSH2 etc. Search tool here
|AO= AO classification alphanumeric code. Search tool here
|RP= Radiopaedia article link
|WO= Wheeless Online article link
|NCI= National Cancer Institute

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