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To be used with {{Infobox medical condition (new)}} to display parameters and data that is important, but not relevant to the average reader. It goes in the first part of the section called "External links".


External resources

{{Medical resources
| ICD10           = <!--{{ICD10|Xxx.x}}-->
| ICD9            = <!--{{ICD9|xxx}}-->
| ICDO            = 
| OMIM            = 
| DiseasesDB      = 
| MedlinePlus     = 
| eMedicineSubj   = 
| eMedicineTopic  = 
| MeshID          = 
| GeneReviewsNBK  = 
| GeneReviewsName = 
| NORD            = 
| GARDNum         = 
| GARDName        = 
| Orphanet        = 
| AO              = 
| RP              = 
| WO              = 
| OrthoInfo       = 
| NCI             = 


|ICD10= The ICD-10 code. Use the {{ICD10}} template to link-out. Search tool here
|eMedicine= eMedicine article reference. Multiple items possible by numbering tags eMedicine1, eMedicine2 etc.
|MeshID= MeSH ID. Multiple items possible by numbering tags MeSH1, MeSH2 etc. Search tool here
|AO= AO classification alphanumeric code. Search tool here
|RP= Radiopaedia article link
|WO= Wheeless Online article link
|NCI= National Cancer Institute

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