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"[1]" and "[2]", The Knot Atlas. Accessed: {{{date}}}.

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This template is intended for linking to The Knot Atlas from Wikipedia, either as references or external links.

*{{Knot Atlas|6 3}}

The magic word "urlencode" replaces spaces (" ") with underscores ("_") to prevent the space breaking the web page address (thus "6 3" becomes "6_3").

A second parameter may be used if an article title other than that used by the Knot Atlas is desired.
*{{Knot Atlas|5 2|Borromean rings}}

A second page may be linked to:

*{{Knot Atlas|6 3||7 1|}}

Access/retrieval date may be added:

*{{Knot Atlas|0 1|date={{subst:date}}}}

Knot Atlas

"Knot Atlas:About#How to cite the Knot Atlas?", The Knot Atlas.

See also

  • J.C. Cha and C. Livingston, "Main page", KnotInfo: Table of Knot Invariants, Accessed: 20 May 2013.
  • The Knot Server, Colab.Sfu.Ca.
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