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This infobox is used to generalize the information in recurring events of various kinds (e.g. as natural phenomena, fairs, festivals, conferences, exhibitions, ...), though not all terms may be applicable to all event types.

{{Infobox recurring event}} may be used to summarize information about a particular recurring event, usually at the top of an article. For one-off events, use {{Infobox event}}.

The infobox may be added by pasting the template as shown below into an article and then filling in the desired fields. Any parameters left blank or omitted will not be displayed.


Status {{{status}}}
Genre {{{genre}}}
Date(s) {{{date}}}
Begins {{{begins}}}
Ends {{{ends}}}
Frequency {{{frequency}}}
Venue {{{venue}}}
Location(s) {{{location}}}
Coordinates {{{coordinates}}}
Country {{{country}}}
Years active {{{years_active}}}
Inaugurated {{{first}}}
Founder {{{founder_name}}}
Most recent {{{last}}}
Previous event {{{prev}}}
Next event {{{next}}}
Participants {{{participants}}}
Attendance {{{attendance}}}
Capacity {{{capacity}}}
Area {{{area}}}
Budget {{{budget}}}
Activity {{{activity}}}
Leader {{{leader_name}}}
Patron(s) {{{patron}}}
Organised by {{{organised}}}
Filing status {{{filing}}}
People {{{people}}}
Member {{{member}}}
Sponsor {{{sponsor}}}
Website {{{website}}}
{{Infobox recurring event
|name              = <!--Uses page name if omitted-->
|native_name       = 
|native_name_lang  = 
|logo              = 
|logo_alt          =
|logo_caption      = 
|logo_size         =
|image             = 
|image_size        =
|alt               =
|caption           = 
|status            = <!-- e.g. defunct, active, inactive ... -->
|genre             = <!-- e.g. natural phenomena, fairs, festivals, conferences, exhibitions ... -->
|date              = <!-- {{start date|YYYY|mm|dd}} "dates=" also works, but do not use both -->
|begins            = <!-- {{start date|YYYY|mm|dd}} -->
|ends              = <!-- {{end date|YYYY|mm|dd}} -->
|frequency         = <!-- Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually, Annually, Bi-annually, 2nd Tuesday of November, etc. -->
|venue             = 
|location          = 
|coordinates       = <!-- {{coord|LAT|LON|type:event|display=inline,title}} --> 
|country           = 
|years_active      = <!-- {{age|YYYY|mm|dd}} Date of the first occurrence -->
|first             = <!-- {{start date|YYYY|mm|dd}} "founded=" and "established=" also work -->
|founder_name      = <!-- or | founders = -->
|last              = <!-- Date of most recent event; if the event will not be held again, use {{End date|YYYY|MM|DD|df=y}} -->
|prev              = 
|next              = 
|participants      = 
|attendance        = 
|capacity          =
|area              = 
|budget            = 
|activity          = 
|leader_name       =
|patron            = 
|organised         = <!-- "organized=" also works -->
|filing            = 
|people            = 
|member            = 
|sponsor           = <!-- | or sponsors = -->
|website           = <!-- {{URL|}} -->
|current           = 
|footnotes         = 


  • |name= – name of the event, if omitted, the page name will be used
  • |native_name= – the native name of the event, if different
  • |native_name_lang=ISO 639-2 code for the native name e.g. 'fr' for French.
  • |logo= – logo file name
  • |logosize= – size of the logo, default is frameless
  • |logo_caption= – optional caption to the logo
  • |image= – name of the image of the event
  • |imagesize= – size of the image, default is frameless
  • |caption= – optional caption of the image
  • |status=
  • |genre=
  • |date= or |dates= – (required for single-day events) the date of a single-day event
  • |begins= – (required for multi-day events) the starting date for multi-day events
  • |ends= – (required for multi-day events) the ending date for multi-day events
  • |frequency= – how often the event occurs (e.g. monthly, annually)
  • |venue= – name of the particular venue (alternative to location)
  • |location= – the location of the event
  • |coordinates= – Use {{Coord}}, with display=inline,title
  • |country= – the country in which the event is held (alternative to location)
  • |years_active= – years the event is/was active
  • |first= or |founded= – date of the first event; use {{Start date}}
  • |founder_name= – person or organization responsible for the first event; if there is more than one, use |founders=
  • |last= – date of the most recent event; use {{End date}}
  • |prev= – Name (or link) to previous event
  • |next= – Name (or link) to next event
  • |participants= – the typical number of participants
  • |attendance= – the number of spectators at the event
  • |area= – the area that participants are drawn from
  • |budget= – the larger of budgeted income or expense
  • |activity= – significant things done at the event; separate multiple values using {{Plainlist}} or {{Flatlist}}
  • |patron= or |patrons= – patronage
  • |organised= or |organized= – organised by
  • |filing= – Federal tax filing status. Some possible values are: 501(c)(3), Private Enterprise, For Profit Corporation, etc.
  • |people= – notable people
  • |member= – larger organisation
  • |sponsor= – Sponsor of the event, if applicable. If there is more than one, use |sponsors=.
  • |website= – Use {{URL}}
  • |current= – a wikilink to the name of the article on the current season
  • |footnotes=

Short version for conventions

Status {{{status}}}
Genre {{{genre}}}
Venue {{{venue}}}
Location(s) {{{location}}}
Coordinates {{{coordinates}}}
Country {{{country}}}
Inaugurated {{{first}}}
Most recent {{{last}}}
Attendance {{{attendance}}}
Organized by {{{organizer}}}
Filing status {{{filing}}}
Website {{{website}}}
{{Infobox convention
|name        = 
|image       = 
|alt         = 
|caption     = 
|status      = 
|genre       = 
|venue       = 
|location    = 
|coordinates = 
|country     = 
|first       = 
|last        = 
|attendance  = 
|organizer   = 
|filing      = 
|website     = 
|footnotes   = 

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