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Formats a currency value with the appropriate symbol which is linked to the article about the currency. If no currency is specified, the template will show the amount in United States dollars.


Using unnamed parameters:


Using named parameters:



value is a number with or without comma separators; may be followed by an optional quantifier: 'thousand', 'million', 'M', 'billion', 'B', or 'trillion'
code is an ISO 4217 currency code or one of the supported non-standard codes listed below
|first= when set to any value produces a long-form currency name
|linked= when set to no disables wikilinks on the rendered currency symbol or long-form currency name
|fmt= specifies how value digit-groups are separated:
commas (default) separates value digit-groups with commas; this is the default, same as when |fmt= is empty or omitted
gaps separates value digit-groups with narrow gaps
none renders value without digit grouping

Note: Using both named and unnamed parameters may produce unexpected results. In this example, the template expects the first unnamed parameter to be a value number:

{{currency}} – invalid amount (help)

When using parameter names, |amount= and |code= are preferred. The template will also accept |Amount= and |type= and |Type=.

Supported non-standard currency codes

Codes that can be translated to ISO 4217 currencies

These non-standard codes are aliases of standard ISO 4217 codes.

  • EGE
  • EU
  • EURO
  • FRW
  • KSH
  • NEP
  • RMB
  • TSH
  • UK
  • US
  • U.S.
  • USA
  • USH

Other non-standard codes

These codes either do not have a matching ISO 4217 currency code or are alternate versions of existing ISO 4217 codes or support unique aspects of a currency.

  • BITCOIN – no matching ISO 4217 code
  • BTC – no matching ISO 4217 code
  • DKK2 – alternate version of DKK
  • FRF – historical
  • GRD – historical
  • LSL2 – plural version of LSL
  • LTL – historical
  • NOK2 – alternate version of NOK
  • SEK2 – alternate version of SEK
  • SZL2 – plural version of SZL
  • XBT – no matching ISO 4217 code


Currencies other than the United States dollar can be rendered by using the appropriate ISO 4217 currency code

Some of the more well known currencies also provide the ability to use common abbreviations or full names.

  • {{Currency|1000|US}} gives: US$1,000
  • {{Currency|1000|United States}} gives: US$1,000
  • {{Currency|1,000|JPY}} gives: ¥1,000

Parameter names can also be used, if preferred:

  • {{Currency|amount=1000|code=US}} gives: US$1,000
  • {{Currency|1000|code=euro}} gives: 1,000

Negative amount:

  • {{Currency|amount=-1000|code=US}} gives: US$−1,000

Text quantifiers:

  • {{Currency|1000 million|code=euro}} gives: 1,000,000,000
  • {{Currency|1000M|code=euro}} gives: 1,000,000,000

The first use of a currency should show the value and the full name of the currency, so if the "first" parameter is defined then that is what will be given.

  • {{Currency|1000|cve|first=yes}} gives: 1,000 Cape Verde escudos
  • {{Currency|1000|cve}} gives: 1.000$00

Because the symbol for the currencies DKK, NOK, and SEK may be ambiguous, these may be represented in two ways:

  • For DKK:
    {{Currency|1000|dkk}} gives: kr. 1,000
    {{Currency|1000|dkk2}} gives: DKK 1,000
  • For NOK:
    {{Currency|1000|NOK}} gives: kr 1,000
    {{Currency|1000|NOK2}} gives: NOK 1,000
  • For SEK:
    {{Currency|1000|SEK}} gives: kr 1,000
    {{Currency|1000|SEK2}} gives: SEK 1,000

Similarly, some currencies use different symbols for single and plural amounts:

  • {{Currency|1|LSL}} gives: L1
    {{Currency|1000|LSL2}} gives: M1,000
    The template does not currently make this distinction automatically so it is the responsibility of the editor using these kinds of codes to get the code right.

Digit grouping:

  • |fmt=commas
    {{Currency|1000 million|code=euro|fmt=commas}} gives: 1,000,000,000
  • |fmt=gaps
    {{Currency|1000 million|code=euro|fmt=gaps}} gives: 1000000000
  • |fmt=none
    {{Currency|1000 million|code=euro|fmt=none}} gives: 1000000000

Error messages

{{currency}} can produce several error message. These are:

  • {{currency}} – invalid code – the value in the second unnamed parameter or assigned to |code= cannot be found in the template's list of codes. Make sure that the assigned code is a correct ISO 4217 currency code or one of the supported non-standard codes listed above.
  • {{currency}} – invalid amount – the value in the first unnamed parameter or assigned to |amount= contains one or more characters that is not a minus sign, a digit, comma, or decimal point, or has some text that is not one of the permitted quantifiers. Make sure that comma separators group three digits and that the number has only one decimal point. Make sure that the amount and code parameters are either both named (|amount= and |code=) or both unnamed.
  • {{currency}} – definition missing position – an internal error that should only occur when an editor is mucking about in Module:Currency/Presentation. It indicates that Module:Currency doesn't know where to place the currency's symbol in relation to its value.
  • {{currency}} – definition missing page – an internal error that should only occur when an editor is mucking about in Module:Currency/Presentation. It indicates that Module:Currency doesn't have a page that it can use to link the currency's symbol or name.


This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools; see the monthly error report for this template.

TemplateData for Currency

No description.

Template parameters

Parameter Description Type Status
Amount amount Amount

the value in the given currency

String suggested
Code code type Type

The currency represented

String suggested
First first

when set to any value, produces a long-form currency name

Unknown optional
Linked linked

Whether to link to the article on that currency

String optional
Fmt fmt

specifies how value digit-groups are separated (commas, spaces, etc.)

String optional

See also

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