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Ahnentafel is a family tree template. For persons, the chart conventionally covers 5 generations. Although an arbitrary number of levels is supported, if needed in exceptional cases, it is recommended to extend the chart to maximum 6 levels (63 nodes) and no more in order to fit the content into prevalent screen resolutions.

The template presents genealogical data in the form of a graphical ahnentafel ancestry tree (realized as an HTML table). The entries in the ahnentafel are given as numbered parameters to the template, and may contain arbitrary wikimarkup.



The template accepts the following named parameters:

CSS style attributes to be applied to the entire table.
CSS style attributes to be applied to the boxes containing the entries.
Thickness of the borders around the boxes in pixels (default: 2).
boxstyle_1, boxstyle_2, ...
CSS style attributes to be applied to the boxes in a given column.
border_1, border_2, ...
Thickness of the borders around the boxes in a given column.
Alignment of the chart: left, right, center
Adds optional text above the chart (most useful in collapsible mode)
Adds optional text below the chart (most useful in collapsible mode)

Options for the collapsible outer container (if enabled)

set to yes to make the table collapsible
set to no to expand by default, and yes to collapse by default
overrides the default container title when collapsible
adds an optional reference to the end of the title
float the outer container: left, right, none, or center (default)
overrides the default outer container width

The column-specific style attributes are included after (and thus override) the generic ones, which are included after the default styles and the border thickness specified by the border parameter(s).

Blank template

Blank template for five generations:

|boxstyle_1=background-color: #bfc;
|boxstyle_2=background-color: #9fe;
|boxstyle_3=background-color: #ffc;
|boxstyle_4=background-color: #fcc;
|boxstyle_5=background-color: #fb9;

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