Telford child sex abuse ring

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The Telford child sex abuse ring was a group of seven men, mainly British Pakistanis who were found guilty of sexual offences against four teenage girls, aged 13 to 16. The offences occurred between 2007 and 2009 in Telford, England.[1] In a series of trials stretching over two years to May 2013,[2] they were convicted of offences including rape, controlling child prostitution, causing child prostitution and trafficking for the purpose of prostitution. A Channel 4 investigation into the sex gangs said local police had heard:

appalling accounts about men who would ejaculate and then urinate in children's mouths, violating them in every orifice, as well as gang-rape by queues of men while girls were held hostage for hours, sometimes days – all the while being forced to listen to the screams of girls in other rooms with other men.[3]


  • Ahdel Ali (25) was given a 26-year sentence, including 18 years in prison.
  • Mubarek Ali (29), brother of the former, received a 22-year sentence, including 14 years in prison. Both were put on the sex offender registry for life.
  • Mohammed Ali Sultan (26)
  • Tanveer Ahmed (40)
  • Mohammed Islam Choudhrey (53)
  • Mahroof Khan (35)
  • Mohammed Younis (60) [2]

Call for inquiry

In September 2016, the Conservative MP for Telford, Lucy Allan, called for an independent "Rotherham-style" inquiry into child sexual exploitation (CSE) in her constituency. She said she had had a meeting with a victim of the abuse, who told her that many of the worst offenders had not been prosecuted and were still living freely in the area. Ms Allan said that she would be asking the prime minister, Theresa May, to take more action on the problem of CSE, particularly in Telford, which is alleged to have the highest level of CSE in Britain, when calculated by head of population.[4]

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