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About these coordinates     Color coordinates
Hex triplet #008080
sRGBB  (rgb) (0, 128, 128)
CMYKH   (c, m, y, k) (86, 31, 49, 8)
HSV       (h, s, v) (180°, 100%, 50[1]%)
Source HTML/CSS[2]
B: Normalized to [0–255] (byte)
H: Normalized to [0–100] (hundred)
Teal is a tertiary color on the RYB color model.

Teal is a medium blue-green (primarily blue) color, similar to cyan. Its name comes from that of a bird—the common teal (Anas crecca)—which presents a similarly colored stripe on its head.

It can be created by mixing blue with green into a white base, or deepened as needed with black or gray.[3] The complementary color of teal is maroon.[4] It is also one of the initial group of 16 HTML/CSS web colors formulated in 1987.

The first recorded use of teal as a color name in English was in 1917.[5]

Teal was a fad color during the 1990s, with, among others, many sports teams adopting the color for their uniforms.[6][7]


Its name is derived from the Middle English tele, a word akin to the Dutch taling and the Middle Low German telink.[8] As a color, its name is believed to have been taken from the small freshwater common teal, a member of the duck family whose eyes are surrounded by this color.[8]


Teal blue

Teal blue
About these coordinates     Color coordinates
Hex triplet #367588
sRGBB  (rgb) (54, 117, 136)
CMYKH   (c, m, y, k) (60, 14, 0, 47)
HSV       (h, s, v) (194°, 60%, 53%)
Source Kelly, Kenneth L. and Judd, Deanne B. (December 1976) "Color: Universal Language and Dictionary of Names", National Bureau of Standards, Spec. Publ. 440
B: Normalized to [0–255] (byte)
H: Normalized to [0–100] (hundred)

Teal blue is a medium tone of teal with more blue. The first recorded use of teal blue as a color name in English was in 1927.[9]

The source of this color is the Plochere Color System, a color system formulated in 1948 that is widely used by interior designers. Teal was subsequently a heavily used color in the 1950s and 1960s.[10]

Teal blue is also the name of a Crayola crayon color (color #113) from 1990 to 2003. Teal-green: where it is a combination of blue/green but where the green is stronger with a hint of grey

In culture

  • Computing
  • Film
    • The "orange and teal look" is a trend in 21st-century filmmaking, in which scenes are color graded to emphasize these two complementary colors.[12]
  • Religion
    • The Intercessors of the Lamb, a Christian contemplation group in the US state of Nebraska, wears habits with a teal scapular to symbolize intercession between heaven (blue) and earth (green). Originally organized as a Roman Catholic Association, it was suppressed in 2010 by the Archbishop of Omaha, who directed members to cease wearing the scapular in Church activities.
  • Awareness
    • Teal is the color of Ovarian Cancer Awareness. Ovarian cancer survivors and supporters may wear teal ribbons, bracelets, T-shirts, and hats to bring public attention to the disease.[13]

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