1982 Tasmanian state election

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Tasmanian state election, 1982

← 1979 15 May 1982 1986 →

All 35 seats to the House of Assembly
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Robin Gray Harry Holgate Norm Sanders
Party Liberal Labor Democrats
Leader since 11 November 1981 11 November 1981
Leader's seat Wilmot Bass Denison
Last election 15 seats 20 seats 0 seats
Seats won 19 seats 14 seats 1 seat
Seat change Increase4 Decrease6 Increase1
Percentage 48.52% 36.86% 5.39%
Swing Increase7.21 Decrease17.46 Increase2.52

Premier before election

Harry Holgate

Elected Premier

Robin Gray

The Tasmanian state election, 1982 was held on 15 May 1982 in the Australian state of Tasmania to elect 35 members of the Tasmanian House of Assembly. The election used the Hare-Clark proportional representation system[1] — seven members were elected from each of five electorates. The quota required for election was 12.5% in each division.

The incumbent Labor Party, in power since 1972 and led by Premier Harry Holgate, was defeated by the opposition Liberal Party, led by Robin Gray.

The proposed Franklin Dam was a major issue around the time of the election.

The Australian Democrats contested all electorates. Independent Green candidates contested the electorate of Denison only.


The Liberal Party won a comfortable majority. Not only was this only the second time in 48 years that Labor had been out of office in Tasmania, but it was the first time in 51 years that the main non-Labor party in Tasmania had won an outright majority at an election. The Democrats' Norm Sanders retained his seat, which had originally been won at the Denison state by-election in 1980. Former Labor premier Doug Lowe also retained his seat as an independent.

Tasmanian state election, 15 May 1982
House of Assembly
<< 19791986 >>

Enrolled voters 283,549
Votes cast 265,101 Turnout 93.49 –0.27
Informal votes 15,055 Informal 5.66% +1.81%
Summary of votes by party
Party Primary votes % Swing Seats Change
  Liberal 121,346 48.52 +7.21 19 + 4
  Labor 92,184 36.86 –17.46 14 – 6
  Democrats 13,476 5.39 +2.52 1 + 1
  Ind. Labor 12,432 4.97 +4.97 1 + 1
  Ind. Green[1] 4,273 1.71 +1.71 0 ± 0
  Independent 6,385 2.55 +1.05 0 ± 0
Total 250,096     35  
1 The Independent Labor label refers to the separate campaigns by former Premier Doug Lowe and Labor MHA Mary Willey.
2 The Green vote referred to here is Bob Brown's campaign in the seat of Denison, where he attained 8.6% of the vote.

Distribution of Seats

Electorate Seats won


Democrat Norm Sanders resigned in late 1982 and independent Green Bob Brown was elected as his replacement after a recount of votes.

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