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Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council
Third of council elected three years out of four
Coat of arms of Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council.png
Coat of arms
Founded 1 April 1974
Civic Mayor
Cllr Denise Ward McNally, Labour
since 23 May 2017
Leader of the Council
Cllr Brenda Warrington, Labour
since 31 January 2018
Chief executive
Steven Pleasant MBE
Seats 57 councillors
Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council composition.svg
Political groups
     Labour (51)
Other parties
     Conservative (6)
Joint committees
Greater Manchester Combined Authority
Greater Manchester Police and Crime Panel
Last election
2015 (one third of councillors)
2016 (one third of councillors)
2018 (one third of councillors)
Next election
2019 (one third of councillors)
2020 (one third of councillors)
2022 (one third of councillors)

Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council is the local authority of the Metropolitan Borough of Tameside in Greater Manchester, England. It is a metropolitan district council, one of ten in Greater Manchester and one of 36 in the metropolitan counties of England, and provides the majority of local government services in Tameside.

The council was documented in the 2014 BBC TV series Call the Council, which showed its workers carrying out their duties.[1]

Parliamentary representation

Tameside is currently covered by three constituencies: Ashton-under-Lyne (six wards), Denton and Reddish (five wards) and Stalybridge and Hyde (eight wards).[2]

Wards and councillors

Each ward is represented by three councillors.[3]

Council Wards
1 Ashton Hurst
2 Ashton St. Michael's
3 Ashton Waterloo
4 Droylsden East
5 Droylsden West
6 St. Peters
7 Audenshaw
8 Denton North East
9 Denton South
10 Denton West
11 Dukinfield
12 Dukinfield / Stalybridge
13 Hyde Godley
14 Hyde Newton
15 Hyde Werneth
16 Longdendale
17 Mossley
18 Stalybridge North
19 Stalybridge South
Parliamentary constituency Ward Councillor Party Term of office
Ashton Hurst Dolores Lewis Labour 2018–22
Mike Glover Labour 2015–19
Leigh Drennan Labour 2016–20
Ashton St. Michael's Bill Fairfoull Labour 2018–22
Yvonne Cartey Labour 2015–19
Margaret Sidebottom Labour 2016–20
Ashton Waterloo Vimal Choksi Labour 2018–22
Lorraine Whitehead [[]] 2015–19
Pauline Hollinshead Labour 2018–20
Droylsden East Susan Quinn Labour 2018–22
Laura Boyle Labour 2018–19
David Mills Labour 2016–20
Droylsden West Barrie Holland Labour 2018–22
Ann Holland Labour 2015–19
Gerald Cooney Labour 2016–20
St. Peters Joyce Bowerman Labour 2018–22
David McNally Labour 2015–19
Warren Bray Labour 2016–20
Denton and Reddish
Audenshaw Oliver Ryan Labour 2018–22
Maria Bailey Labour 2015–19
Teresa Smith Labour 2016–20
Denton North East Vincent Ricci Labour 2018–22
Allison Gwynne Labour 2015–19
Denise Ward Labour 2016–20
Denton South Claire Reid Labour 2018–22
Mike Fowler Labour 2015–19
George Newton Labour 2016–20
Denton West Michael Smith Labour 2018–22
Brenda Warrington Labour 2015–19
Dawson Lane Labour 2016–20
Dukinfield Jackie Lane Labour 2018–22
John Taylor Labour 2015–19
Brian Wild Labour 2016–20
Stalybridge and Hyde
Dukinfield / Stalybridge Eleanor Wills Labour 2018–22
David Sweeton Labour 2015–19
Leanne Feeley Labour 2016–20
Hyde Godley Jim Fitzpatrick Labour 2018–22
Betty Affleck Labour 2015–19
Joe Kitchen Labour 2016–20
Hyde Newton Philip Fitzpatrick Labour 2018–22
Helen Bowden Labour 2015–19
Peter Robinson Labour 2016–20
Hyde Werneth Phil Chadwick Conservative 2018–22
John Bell Conservative 2015–19
Ruth Welsh Conservative 2016–20
Longdendale Janet Cooper Labour 2018–22
Gillian Peet Labour 2015–19
Chris Buglass Labour 2016–20
Mossley Stephen Homer Labour 2018–22
Tafheen Sharif Labour 2015–19
Jack Homer Labour 2016–20
Stalybridge North Sam Gosling Labour 2018–22
Adrian Pearce Labour 2015–19
Jan Jackson Labour 2016–20
Stalybridge South Liam Billington Conservative 2018–22
Clive Patrick Conservative 2015–19
Doreen Dickinson Conservative 2016–20

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