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Conflicting Information

There are a couple of passages that I came upon in the article that conflicted with some of the information that I have learnt, and I am not sure which is the correct version since I have not read the other two books used for sources. An example of conflicting information:

"After the visit to the Rebbe, Hannah Rachel halted her activities as a Hasidic leader and teacher. She even married, although the marriage was never consummated and the couple divorced within a week."

vs. (what I added)

"Later she moved to Palestine and settled in Jerusalem, living out her years there unremarkably. On Shabbat afternoons, her followers would come to hear her recite words of Torah, and on Rosh Chodesh she would accompany them to Rachel's Tomb for prayer. She is buried on the Mount of Olives."

According to the second passage she continued to serve as a leader in Israel, while the first says that she ceased to be a leader. There are other pieces of conflicting information from the book that I have (From Sarah to Sarah, S. Feldbrand), but I didn't know how to put them into the article.

Is there any traditional way to resolve these conflicts? With a historical figure there are bound to be many varying details due to uncertainty and the years that have passed since the event.

It's not uncommon for different accounts to have conflicting information. Wikipedia's Neutral Point of View policy describes how to proceed in such a situation. The basic idea is to provide both accounts, so long as they are both reliably sourced, and indicate which source offers which account. You can use footnote-style referencing like this <ref>This is a footnote</ref>. Best, --Shirahadasha 03:10, 24 October 2006 (UTC)

kvitel vs. kvitlech

Is kvitlech just the plural of kvitel, or is this article using the wrong word? -- Kendrick7talk 00:09, 5 December 2007 (UTC)

Never mind, I believe the answer is yes. -- Kendrick7talk 00:13, 5 December 2007 (UTC)


The web is full of cases where the image of the "Maiden of Ludmir" is shown. Including the google Wikipedia box. In fact, it is the image of the first female rabbi (in the Jewish Reform movement) Regina Jonas פשוט pashute ♫ (talk) 17:22, 21 July 2016 (UTC)

Maiden and first Rebbe - NOT

She was not called the Maiden of Ludmir and definitely not HaBetula MiLudmir because in all writings of the time and till recent times, she was referred to as the Tsadeykes - the righteous one. In those days a "Tzaddik" was the title for what today is called a Hassidic Rebbe (as opposed to a Rabbi).The title Tzadaykes (pronounced in modern day Hebrew Tzadeket) was held by many women, some of them said to even put on Tefillin and wear the Tzitzis (Tallis Kotone, in modern Hebrew, pronounced Taleet Katan, although originally from Greek: Taleth.) This was also listed on a graveyard book with her name and city seeming to fit the stories. But there is no definite knowledge, not even about her name.

In the first edition of Dr. Alfassi's HaHasidut, he had several pages of women of that sort. But it was removed in the next editions which were bought mostly by practicing Hassidic communities who would rather not discuss this "controversy". I was told by my father's second cousins that they remembered my grandmother in Jerusalem accepting Kvitlach from men and women, sitting in her apartment and that she wore Tzizis and lay Tefillin. But when I asked my aunt, Channa Rochel, who grew up up in Israel and lived by her, before leaving to the US, she was not willing to talk about her and said she was extremely tough with her, and that she herself was very rebellious at the time. Later on, she lost her memory and when I asked her daughter to repeat the question to her, she said her mother vehemently denied it. Like Rebbetzyn Temeryl. (forgotosignb4) פשוט pashute ♫ (talk) 18:34, 21 July 2016 (UTC)

Nathaniel Deutsch examines her background and story in fine detail, all your doubts are addressed in his book. — Le Loy 05:06, 23 March 2017 (UTC)
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