Taipei–Keelung metropolitan area

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Taipei–Keelung Metropolitan Area
Greater Taipei
From top: Taipei skyline, Ximending at night
From top: Taipei skyline, Ximending at night
Location of Taipei–Keelung Metropolitan AreaGreater Taipei
Location of Taipei–Keelung Metropolitan AreaGreater Taipei
Coordinates: 25°2′N 121°38′E / 25.033°N 121.633°E / 25.033; 121.633Coordinates: 25°2′N 121°38′E / 25.033°N 121.633°E / 25.033; 121.633


Major Cities Taipei
New Taipei
 • Metro 2,457.13 km2 (874.59 sq mi)
Population (End of November 2017)
 • Metro 7,041,172
 • Metro density 2,865.6/km2 (8,050.8/sq mi)

The Taipei–Keelung metropolitan area ((in Taiwanese Mandarin)) or Greater Taipei area / region ((in Taiwanese Mandarin)) is the largest metropolitan area in Taiwan. It was recognized officially until 2010, and included Taipei, Taipei County (now New Taipei), and Keelung.


The official definition of the Taipei–Keelung metropolitan area by the government until 2010 was Taipei, Taipei County and Keelung.

Division name Population
(30 November 2017)[1]
(per km²)
Taipei City 2,683,321 271.80 9,872.4
New Taipei City 3,986,291 2,052.57 1,942.1
Keelung City 371,560 132.76 2,798.7
Taipei–Keelung metropolitan area 7,041,172 2,457.13 2,865.6
Taoyuan City 2,184,655 1,220.95 1,789.3
Taipei–Keelung–Taoyuan metropolitan area 9,225,827 3,678.08 2,508.3

Some international reports consider Taipei–Keelung–Taoyuan (臺北基隆桃園都會區; Táiběi–Jīlóng–Táoyuán Dūhùiqū) as a real complete metropolitan area.[1][2][3]


Due to the geographical characteristics of the area, the Taipei–Keelung metropolitan area roughly corresponds to areas located within the Taipei Basin. Taipei City serves as the core of the metropolitan area where the government of Taiwan and major commercial districts are located.

Geographical Subdivision

The metropolitan area contains Taipei City, Keelung City, and New Taipei City (surrounding the two previous cities). The geographical subdivision listed as followed.

New Taipei City Hall

in New Taipei City:


in New Taipei City:

in Taipei City:


in Keelung City:

in Taipei City:

in New Taipei City:


in Taipei City:


in New Taipei City:


in New Taipei City:



Platform of the Taipei City Hall Station on the Taipei Metro system.

The Taipei–Keelung metropolitan area is served by routes of the Taiwan Railway Administration (Western Line) and Taiwan High Speed Rail which connect the area with all parts of the island. For rapid transit, Taipei and New Taipei are served by the Taipei Metro with daily trips of over 2.0 million passengers.


The area is served by Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport for international flights while Songshan Airport is primarily for domestic flights, international flights to Tokyo and Seoul; and also cross-strait flights.


An extensive bus system serves the metropolitan area.

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