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Red Tai
LuangNamtha BanPhiengNgam tango7174.jpg
Ban Phieng Ngam, a Thai Daeng (Red Thai) village, Luang Namtha Province, Laos.
Total population
165,000 (est.)
Regions with significant populations
Thailand, Vietnam, Laos
Tai Daeng, Vietnamese, Thai, others
Animism, Theravada Buddhism, Christianity

The Red Tai (in Vietnamese language Thái Đỏ; in Lao language Tai Daeng) are an ethnic group of Vietnam and Laos. They speak the Tai Daeng language. In Vietnam they are called Thái Đỏ and are included in the group of the Thái people, together with the Thái Đen ("Black Tai"), Thái Trắng ("White Tai"), Phu Thai, Tày Thanh and Thái Hàng Tổng. The group of the Thái people is the third largest of the fiftyfour ethnic groups recognized by the Vietnamese government.

Geographic distribution

Population clusters




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