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Depiction of the classical model of triangular trade.

The Swedish West India Company (Swedish: Svenska Västindiska Kompaniet) was a Swedish chartered company which was based in the West Indies. It was the main operator in the Swedish slave trade during its existence.

Between 1786 and 1805, the company operated from the Swedish island of Saint-Barthélemy. The company was a private enterprise with royal monopoly on all Swedish trade via Saint Barthélemy. Three quarters of profits went to the company, one quarter to the Swedish state.

Other Swedish chartered companies

The company should not be confused with the 17th-century Swedish South Company, also called New Sweden Company, best known for establishing New Sweden in the Delaware region (or much of today's Delaware Valley), which operated between 1638 and 1655.

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  • Mémoire St Barth | History of St Barthélemy (archives & history of slavery, slave trade and their abolition)[permanent dead link], Comité de Liaison et d'Application des Sources Historiques.
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