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Swanston Estates is a neighborhood situated in North Sacramento, California. It is bordered by Arden Way on the south, Ethan Way on the East, Business 80 on the west, and El Camino Avenue on the north. This area lies behind the Arden Fair Mall.

The zip code for the neighborhood is 95815. A lot of the homes in this neighborhood were built in the mid-1950s. This small neighborhood was built in the mid-1950s and was the first suburban housing tract built in the area, although older neighborhoods had developed previously in Woodlake and along the Rancho Del Paso arcade and horse parade route (now Marysville, Del Paso, and Arcade Boulevards). The neighborhood is named after C.S. Swanston & Son, original owners of a large livestock industry which operated on the land. The Swanston Ranch area included a dairy, cattle ranch, and meat packing plant situated next to the railroad tracks near Arden Way. Much of the ranch land had been sold by the late 1940's, but sheep grazed the land south of Arden Way until the late 1960's when the California State Fair was moved from Broadway to Cal-Expo. The Sears and Roebuck Company acquired a portion of the land along Arden Way in the early 1950s and for many years was the main store in the area that would eventually become Arden Fair Mall.

Swanston Estates is a neighborhood with a rich community history. Founding residents Nicholas and Henrietta Gosselink established Hope Community Church (now Emmanuel) on Ethan Way. The population continues to include several original residents including Gay Babcock (note: Ms. Babcock passed away in 2015), whose uncle contributed the land for D.W. Babcock Elementary School and Park (The park was closed to public use by the school in 2018). Linda Fowler, Embattled Twin Rivers Unified School District Board of Education Trustee resides in the neighborhood <https://www.sacbee.com/news/local/education/article87880797.html> as well as many professionals and small business owners. D.W. Babcock Elementary School has several colorful alumni, including NFL star Donté Stallworth.

Swanston Estates is named for the Swanston family, which owned a 2,800-acre (11 km2) cattle ranch and a meatpacking plant located at the Southern Pacific tracks from 1914 until the 1940s. The family sold much of the land to the state of California in the late 1940s, which intended to build Cal Expo there. The state didn't use all of the land for that purpose and sold the unused land in 1970 for $7.3 million, at which point it saw commercial and residential development.[1]


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