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Sverri Patursson featured on Faroese postage stamp (1984)

Sverri Patursson (1871–1960) was a Faroese writer, author, and journalist. He was also a translator, ornithologist and environmentalist. [1]

Patursson was born in the village of Kirkjubøur on Streymoy, Faroe Islands. He attended Vallekilde Folk High School in Zealand in Denmark. Patursson worked as a journalist and his articles frequently featured Faroese wildlife with birds a principal focusr. He was devoted to make the Faroe Islands known, and his actions included writing tourist articles as a freelance journalist for the Scandinavian press. Patursson was also a translator and literary writer, and one of the first authors who wrote in Faroese. [2]


Own work

  • Dagdvølja, 1901
  • Nøkur orð um hin føroyska dansin, 1908
  • Fra Færøernes næringsveie i tekst og billeder, Kria. 1918[3]
  • Móti loysing (political articles), 1925
  • Landaskipan og figgjarlig viðurskiftur i fristatinum Føroyar (political articles), 1928
  • Fuglar og folk (noveller og essays), 1935, (2nd edition 1968)
  • Fuglar og fólk. Kirkjubøur: Øssur Patursson, 1968. (176 pages)
  • Fram við Sugguni : søgur, greinir, røður og yrkingar. (short stories, articles, speeches and poems, published after his death). Tórshavn: Emil Thomsen, 1971. (172 pages)
  • Fuglaframi: 1898-1902. Tórshavn: Offset-prent, Emil Thomsen, 1972 (408 pages)
  • Fra Færøernes næringsveie i tekst og billeder : med historisk oversigt. Tórshavn: Sjóvinnubankin, 1982. (76 pages)
  • Ábal og aðrar søgur Tórshavn: Føroya skúlabókagrunnur, (Ábal and other short stories) 2nd edition 2004. (45 pages, school book)[4]


  • Robinson Kruso - Daniel Defoe (translated into Faroese by Sverre Patursson), 1914 (2nd edition 1968)


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