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Langkat Sultanate 1930 in red

The Sultanate of Langkat was a Muslim state located in modern Langkat Regency, North Sumatra. Although dating back to the pre-Islamic age, recorded history is available only from the 17th century.[1] It has prospered since the opening of rubber plantations and discovery of oil in Pangkalan Brandan.


In 1568, in what is now called Silver Overlay, one of the officials of the Kingdom of Aru Tanah Karo named Dewa Shahdan escaped an attack by the Sultanate of Aceh and set up a kingdom which is the forerunner of the modern Langkat Sultanate.

Langkat comes from the name of a tree that resembles the olive tree. The taste of its fruit is bitter. It is often found on the banks of the Langkat River, which is downstream of Sungai Batang Serangan draining the city of Tanjung Pura. These trees are now extinct.

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Coordinates: 3°54′41″N 98°25′29″E / 3.91139°N 98.42472°E / 3.91139; 98.42472

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