Sujawal District

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Sujawal District
ضلعو سجاول
Map of Sindh with Sujawal  District highlighted
Map of Sindh with Sujawal District highlighted
Country Pakistan
Province Sindh
Capital Sujawal
Established 12 October 2013
 • Total 7,335 km2 (2,832 sq mi)
Population (2017)[1]
 • Total 781,967
 • Density 110/km2 (280/sq mi)
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Number of Tehsils 4

Sujawal District (also spelled Sajawal; Sindhi: ضلعو سجاول‎, Urdu: ضلع سجاول‎) is a new district of the Sindh province of Pakistan.[2] It is located at 24°36'23" of North and 68°4'19" of East [3] and is bordered in the northwest by the Indus river which separates it from Thatta District. The district has an area of 7335 km².


The newly formed district is being made to smooth the administrative affairs of the area. Sujawal District is subdivided into four tehsils Jaati, Bathoro, Shah Bandar and Sujawal and 30 Union Councils.[4]

Name of Tehsil Number of Union Councils
Jaati 7
Mirpur Bathoro 8
Shah Bandar 6
Sujawal 9
Total 30

History & Geography

The decision to divide Thatta District into two districts by the provincial government was made on 12 October 2013 through a notification issued by Revenue Department of Sindh. The provincial revenue department said…

Famous Personalities

Roshan Ali Laghari and Nazar Ali Laghari Belonged to the ROSHANABAD named with the Name of

Raees Roshan Ali

A new district encompassing Sujawal, Kharochhan (barring 10 dehs), Mirpur Bathoro, Jaati and Shah Bundar tehsils (talukas) would be Sindh’s 28th district to be called Sujawal. Its headquarters will be located in Sujawal tehsil (taluka). The new district has been established under Section 6 of the Sindh Land Revenue Act, 1967. [5]

According to the notification the right side of Indus River will comprise old Thatta district and the left side will come under the jurisdiction of newly created Sujawal. The Thatta District (area wise among the largest districts of the province), will have half the size in its new boundaries, comprising Thatta, Mirpur Sakro, Keti Bunder and Ghorabari tehsils (talukas). And some area’s of Kharochhan tehsil (taluka) have also been included in new Thatta District. The historical city of Thatta, which was once the capital of Sindh, was carved out from Karachi as a separate city in August 1948. It was the second largest district in Sindh, in terms of area, covering over 17,335 square kilometers before recently separation into two parts. Provincial Revenue Department of Sindh Notification 12 October 2013. There are two Provincial Assembly seats Constituency PS-86 and Constituency PS-87 and one National Assembly seat Constituency NA-238 in newly formed districts Sujawal.[6][7]

Demography and languages

According to the 1998 census, the total population for the talukas of Jati, Kharo Chan, Mirpur Bathoro, Shah Bunder and Sujawal was 530,000. The predominant first language is Sindhi, accounting for 98.6% of the population.[8]

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Coordinates: 24°36′23″N 68°4′19″E / 24.60639°N 68.07194°E / 24.60639; 68.07194

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