Stripe-faced greenbul

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Stripe-faced greenbul
Andropadus milanjensis.JPG
Scientific classification
A. striifacies
Binomial name
Arizelocichla striifacies
(Reichenow & Neumann, 1895)
  • Andropadus milanjensis chyulu
  • Andropadus milanjensis striifacies
  • Andropadus milanjensis striifascies
  • Andropadus striifacies
  • Andropadus striifascies
  • Arizelocichla milanjensis striifacies
  • Pycnonotus milanjensis striifacies
  • Pycnonotus milanjensis striifascies
  • Xenocichla striifacies

The stripe-faced greenbul (Arizelocichla striifacies) is a species of the bulbul family of passerine birds. It is found in Africa from south-eastern Kenya to south-western Tanzania.[2]

Taxonomy and systematics

The stripe-faced greenbul was originally described in the genus Xenocichla (a synonym for Bleda), then classified in Andropadus and, in 2010 re-classified to the new genus Arizelocichla.[3] Some authorities have considered the stripe-faced greenbul to be a subspecies of the stripe-cheeked greenbul.[4]


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