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Stormy Daniels

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Stormy Daniels
Stormy Daniels 2015.jpg
Daniels in January 2015
Born Stephanie A. Gregory[1]
(1979-03-17) March 17, 1979 (age 39)[2]
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S.
Other names Stormy, Stormy Waters, Peggy Peterson
Known for Stormy Daniels–Donald Trump scandal
Political party Republican (2010–present)[3]
Democratic (before 2010)
Spouse(s) Pat Myne (m. 2003; div. 2005)
Mike Moz (m. 2007; div. 2009)
Brendon Miller (m. 2010)
Children 1

Stephanie A. Gregory Clifford[1][4] (born March 17, 1979),[2] known professionally as Stormy Daniels, Stormy Waters, or simply Stormy, and named in court documents as Peggy Peterson, is an Southern/American pornographic actress, stripper, screenwriter,[5] and director. She has won numerous industry awards, and is a member of the NightMoves, AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame.[6][7][8] In 2009, a recruitment effort led her to consider challenging incumbent David Vitter for the 2010 Senate election in her native Louisiana.[9]

In 2018, Daniels became involved in a legal dispute with U.S. President Donald Trump and his attorney Michael Cohen. Trump and his surrogates allegedy paid hush money to silence Daniels about an affair she claims she had with Trump in 2006. Trump's spokespersons have denied the affair and accused Daniels of lying.[10][11]

Early life

Stephanie Gregory was born on March 17, 1979,[1] to Sheila and Bill Gregory, who divorced about 3 or 4 years later. Gregory was subsequently raised by her mother.[12][13]

She graduated from Scotlandville Magnet High School in Baton Rouge in 1997[13] and considered becoming a journalist.[13]

Gregory said she "came from an average, lower-income household… there [were] days without electricity",[14] and she has described herself as coming from a "really bad neighborhood."[13]


Porn star Ron Jeremy and Daniels at Jeremy's birthday party, March 2007

During high school, Gregory had a job answering phones at a riding stable.[13] Gregory's first experience as a stripper occurred when she was 17 and visiting a friend at a strip club; she was convinced to perform a "guest set."[13] She began stripping for money at the Gold Club in Baton Rouge[13][15] and became a featured entertainer with Continental Theatrical Agency in September 2000.[16] She chose her stage name Stormy Daniels to reflect her love of Mötley Crüe, whose bassist, Nikki Sixx, named his daughter Storm.[17] She is from Louisiana and chose the last name "Daniels" after seeing a Jack Daniel's advertisement that read "a Southern favorite".[18]

While working as a featured entertainer, Daniels met Devon Michaels, who was doing lesbian scenes in a pair of upcoming films – one for Wicked Pictures and one for Sin City – and Michaels invited Daniels to accompany her.[19] Daniels accompanied Michaels to her Wicked shoot, where she met Brad Armstrong and co-starred with Michaels in her Sin City scene, American Girls Part 2. Afterwards, Armstrong invited Daniels to stay with him[19] and she continued doing lesbian-only scenes.

In July 2002, Daniels was cast as the lead in a feature film for Wicked Pictures, Heat, where she did her first lesbian scene. In September that year, she signed an exclusive contract with Wicked.[19] In 2004, she won the Best New Starlet Award from Adult Video News, which was a complete surprise to Daniels, as she was so sure Jesse Jane would win she made a $500 bet with another porn starlet.[20] She has directed for Wicked since 2004.[21]

Daniels was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame on January 18, 2014,[7] and was inducted into the XRCO Hall of Fame on April 16, 2014.[8] Her directorial work that year earned fourteen AVN Award nominations including a nomination for Best Safe Sex Scene for her performance with Brendon Miller in François Clousot's First Crush.[7]

In 2018, Daniels toured strip clubs as part of a "Make America Horny Again" tour.[22][23][24] She was given the key to the city of West Hollywood, California, on "Stormy Daniels Day", May 23, 2018.[25] Daniels was named to host the 2019 XBIZ Awards.[26]

Mainstream appearances

Daniels appeared in an episode of Real Sex where she is seen participating in 2001 Miss Nude Great Plains Contest.[27] In early 2007, she appeared in Dirt on the FX Network, where she played a stripper who helps to set up a basketball player played by Rick Fox.[28] Later in 2007, Daniels appeared in Maroon 5's music video for their song "Wake Up Call" as a pole dancer. She appears in the film The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005), when the main character (Steve Carell) watches her in the video Space Nuts: Episode 69—Unholy Union and then tries dreaming about her. She appears in the film Knocked Up (2007) as a lap dancer.[29] She appeared on Saturday Night Live as herself on May 5, 2018.[29]


Daniels in 2010

A group of fans attempted to recruit Daniels to run against Republican Senator David Vitter in Louisiana in 2010.[9] The recruitment process was centered around the website[30] On May 21, 2009, she formed an exploratory committee,[31] initially inspired by revelations about "Vitter's connections to a prostitution ring".[32] In August 2009, her campaign manager's car was blown up, although no one was in the car at that time.[33]

In April 2010, Daniels finally declared herself a Republican candidate. Her decision was inspired by disclosures that the Republican National Committee (RNC) had paid expenses for fundraisers at a "lesbian bondage themed nightclub" in Los Angeles, stating that the revelations "finally tipped the scales".[3] She explained that the RNC's use of party funds for sex convinced her that Republicans represented her libertarian values best: Daniels said she has been a registered Democrat throughout her life, "But now I cannot help but recognize that over time my libertarian values regarding both money and sex and the legal use of one for the other is now best espoused by the Republican Party."[32]

She made several listening tours around Louisiana to focus on the economy, as well as women in business and child protection[34] and stated that if elected, she would likely retire from the adult industry.[35] She announced on April 15, 2010, that she would not be running for Senate, saying she could not afford a run for the Senate seat and stating that the media never took her candidacy seriously.[36]

Personal life

Daniels has a daughter with Glendon Crain (screen name Brendon Miller) in 2011.[37]

Daniels has been fond of horses her entire life. She now owns several and has won multiple blue ribbons at equestrian events.[13][38]

In 2009, Daniels was arrested for domestic violence against her husband. She allegedly hit him several times after an argument over how he did their laundry and unpaid bills.[39]

Legal dispute with Donald Trump

On January 12, 2018, The Wall Street Journal reported that Donald Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid Daniels $130,000 in hush money in October 2016—shortly before the presidential election—to deny that she had an affair with Trump a decade earlier in 2006.[40][41] On behalf of his client, Cohen denied the existence of an affair between Trump and Daniels,[42] but he later stated: "In a private transaction in 2016, I used my own personal funds to facilitate a payment of $130,000 to Ms. Stephanie Clifford."[43]

On March 6, 2018, Daniels filed a lawsuit against Trump. She claimed that the nondisclosure agreement that she had signed in reference to the alleged affair was invalid because Trump had never personally signed it. The suit also alleges that Trump's attorney had been trying to intimidate Daniels and "scare her into not talking". A day later, Cohen initiated an ex parte arbitration process that resulted in an order that barred Daniels from disclosing "confidential information" related to the nondisclosure agreement. The order itself, which Daniels' lawyers called bogus, was supposed to remain confidential.[44]

In a March 25, 2018, interview with 60 Minutes, Daniels said that she and Trump had sex once, and that later she had been threatened in front of her infant daughter and felt pressured to later sign a nondisclosure agreement.[45][46]

On April 9, 2018, FBI agents raided Cohen's office and seized emails, tax documents and business records relating to several matters, including payments to Daniels.[47]

On April 30, 2018, Daniels filed a lawsuit against Trump on libel charges because he called her statements "fraud". It relates to Trump's statements on Twitter claiming that Clifford had invented the story of the man who threatened her after she decided to tell journalists about their affair.[48]


List of accolades received
by Stormy Daniels
Total number of wins
Totals 28
As a Performer
Year Ceremony Award Work
2004 AVN Award Best New Starlet[49][50] N/A
Adam Film World Guide Award Contract Babe of the Year[51] Wicked Pictures
NightMoves Award Best Actress (Editor's Choice)[6] N/A
2006 AVN Award Best Supporting Actress—Video[52] Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool massacre
Adam Film World Guide Award Crossover Female Performer of the Year[53] N/A
XRCO Award Mainstream Adult Media Favorite[50][54][55] N/A
F.A.M.E. Award Favorite Breasts[56] N/A
NightMoves Award Best Actress (Fan's Choice)[6] N/A
Triple Play Award (Dancing/Performing/Directing)[6] N/A
2007 AVN Award Contract Star of the Year[50][57] Wicked Pictures
F.A.M.E. Award Favorite Breasts[58] N/A
NightMoves Award Best Feature Dancer (Fan's Choice)[6] N/A
2008 AVN Award Crossover Star of the Year[59][60] N/A
XBIZ Award N/A
XRCO Award Mainstream Adult Media Favorite[61] N/A
Adam Film World Guide Award Actress of the Year[62] N/A
2009 XBIZ Award ASACP Service Recognition Award[60] N/A
F.A.M.E. Award Favorite Breasts[63] N/A
Free Speech Coalition Positive Image Award[64] N/A
As a Director
Year Ceremony Award
2005 NightMoves Award Best New Director (Editor's Choice)[50][65]
2008 XRCO Award Best Director – Features (tied with Brad Armstrong)[61]
F.A.M.E. Award Favorite Director[66]
NightMoves Award Best Director (Fan's Choice)[6]
2009 Best Director (Editor's Choice)[6]
2012 Best Director – Non-Parody (Editor's Choice)[6]
2016 XBIZ Award Director of the Year – Feature Release[67]
Hall of Fame
Year Ceremony Award
2007 NightMoves Award Hall of Fame[6]
2014 AVN Award Hall of Fame[7]
XRCO Award Hall of Fame[8]

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