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Star Academy
Created by Gestmusic [es]
Original work Operación Triunfo (Spain)
Owned by Endemol
Films and television
Television series Star Academy (independent international versions, see below)
First aired 22 October 2001 (2001-10-22)
Official website
Production website

Star Academy, called Operación Triunfo ("Operation Triumph") in Spanish-speaking countries, is a highly successful television pop music talent contest with viewer voting and reality show elements.


There are many versions of the Star Academy or Operación Triunfo show, each country having its own slight variations, but the basic concept remains the same: contestants live in a boarding-school called "The Academy", managed by a director, and various teachers coach them in several artistic disciplines. The participants are filmed with cameras throughout the day and night (an idea borrowed from another of Endemol's major reality shows Big Brother). Once a week, the contestants have to face a prime time show, where they sing the song they've prepared during the week before, as well as recapping their trials and tribulations at The Academy from the past week. The live show will often feature special guest stars, with whom some of the contestants have the opportunity to sing. Based on the judges' verdicts and viewer voting, the weakest contestant is dropped. The eventual winner is awarded a record deal and usually some amount of money.


Location of different versions of Star Academy
  Own version
  Joint version

The public entity RTVE participated with Gestmusic, a Spanish branch of Endemol, in the development of a music program in 2001. The objective was to promote three musical careers and to find the new representative of Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest. After carrying out a series of auditions for thousands of people throughout Spain, on October 22, 2001, the first Operación Triunfo season began airing on Spanish television channel, La 1. A total of 16 contestants were candidates for the prize. Although production company Gestmusic created the format, Star Academy first premiered in France on October 20, 2001, two days before Operación Triunfo began airing in Spain.[1]

Star Academy has reached markets as different as India, the Arab World and the United States, becoming the first Spanish format ever acquired by these countries. This show is similar to the Idols franchise, but different in that it also shows the contestants' lives together in the "Academy" where they are trained; American Idol shows nothing of the contestants' personalities or relationships with each other. Star Academy is in essence a singing competition, where the lowest vote-receiver each week must leave the show, ending finally when only one person remains.

In 2011, most Star Academy series outside of Africa and the Middle East were phased out in favor of another musical competition format from Endemol, The Voice. In 2017, the series was revived in Spain after six years of absence.

Star Academy around the world

There were more than 30 franchises of Star Academy all around the world, with 103 winners. As of 2019, only the Spanish version is still in production. The French-Canadian adaptation (based on the French version) is expected to return in winter 2021.[2]

     Currently airing franchise
     Franchise awaiting confirmation
     Franchise with an upcoming season
     Franchise no longer in production
Region Local name Channel Winner Main Presenters
Project Fame
DStv (Live)
United States The Africa Channel (Broadcast in 2008)

Season 1, 2004: Zambia Lindiwe Alam

James Alexander
Vusi Twala
Arab Maghreb[4] Star Academy Maghreb
Tunisia Nessma TV

Season 1, 2007: Morocco Hajar Adnane

Nabila El Kilani
Arab League Arab world[5] Star Academy Arabia
Lebanon LBCI
Egypt CBC (starting season 9)

Season 1, 2003–2004: Egypt Mohamed Attia
Season 2, 2004–2005: Saudi Arabia Hisham Abdulrahman
Season 3, 2005–2006: Lebanon Joseph Attieh
Season 4, 2006–2007: Iraq Shatha Hassoun
Season 5, 2008: Tunisia Nader Guirat
Season 6, 2009: Saudi Arabia Abdulaziz Abdulrahman
Season 7, 2010: Syria Nassif Zaytoun
Season 8, 2011: Egypt Nessma Alaa Mahgoub
Season 9, 2013–2014: Egypt Mahmoud Mohey
Season 10, 2014: Egypt Mohamed Chahine
Season 11, 2015–2016: Lebanon Marwan Youssef

Hilda Khalife
 Argentina Operación Triunfo
Argentina Telefe
Uruguay Canal 4
DirecTV (Live) (Season 4)

Season 1, 2003: Claudio Basso
Season 2, 2004–2005: José García
Season 3, 2005–2006: Benjamín Rosales
Season 4, 2009: Cristian Manuel Soloa
Season 5, 2012–2013: F.A.N.S.[6]

Alejandro Wiebe, "Marley" (Season 1–4)
Germán Paoloski (Season 5)
 Belgium Star Academy Flanders
Kanaal Twee

Season 1, 2005: Katerine Avgoustakis

Walter Grootaers
Star Academy Wallonia

Season 1, 2002: Mélanie Martin's

Plastic Bertrand
 Bolivia La Fábrica de Estrellas - Star Academy Red Unitel

Season 1, 2016: David Soliz
Season 2, 2016: Vania

Anabel Angus
Angélica Mérida
 Brazil FAMA
Rede Globo
SKY (Live)

Season 1, 2002: Vanessa Jackson
Season 2, 2003: Marcus Vinícius
Season 3, 2004: Tiago Silva
Season 4, 2005: Fabio Souza

Angélica Ksyvickis

 Bulgaria Star Academy
Nova Television
Nova+ (Live)
CableTel (Live)
Season 1, 2005: Marin Yonchev Maria Ilieva
Star Académie

Season 1, 2003: Wilfred Le Bouthillier
Season 2, 2004: Stéphanie Lapointe
Season 3, 2005: Marc-André Fortin
Season 4, 2009: Maxime Landry
Season 5, 2012: Jean-Marc Couture
Season 6, 2021: Upcoming season[2]

Julie Snyder

 Chile Operación Triunfo

Season 1, 2003: Mónica Rodríguez[7]

Álvaro Escobar

East Africa[8] Tusker Project Fame
M-Net (Africa) (Season 1)
Kenya NTV (Season 1)
Kenya Citizen TV (Season 2–5)
Burundi RTNB (Season 5)
Tanzania Channel 10 (Season 1)
Tanzania StarTV (Season 2–3, 5)

Tanzania TBC (Season 4)
Uganda UBC (Season 1, 4)
Uganda WBS (Season 2–3)
Uganda NTV (Season 5)
Rwanda Rwanda TV (Season 3–5)
South Sudan SSTV (Season 4)
South Sudan Channel 146 (Season 5)

Season 1, 2006: Kenya Valerie Kimani
Season 2, 2008: Uganda Esther Nabaasa Mugizi
Season 3, 2009: Rwanda Alpha Rwirangira
Season 4, 2010: Uganda Davis Hillary Ntare
Season 5, 2012: Kenya Ruth Matete

Gaetano Kagwa (Season 1)
Fumnilayo Raimi (Season 2)
Mich Egwang (Season 3–5)
Sheila Mwanyigah (Season 3–5)
Tusker All-Stars
(All-Stars Format)

Season 1, 2011: Davis Ntare, Peter Msechu & Alpha Rwirangira

Gaetano Kagwa
Eve D'Souza
 France Star Academy
TF1 (Season 1–8)
NRJ 12 (Season 9)

Season 1, 2001–2002: Jenifer Bartoli
Season 2, 2002: Nolwenn Leroy
Season 3, 2003: Élodie Frégé
Season 4, 2004: Grégory Lemarchal
Season 5, 2005: Magalie Vaé
Season 6, 2006: Cyril Cinélu
Season 7, 2007–2008: Switzerland Quentin Mosimann
Season 8, 2008: Mickels Réa
Season 9, 2012–2013: Laurène Bourvon

Níkos Aliágas (Season 1–8)
Mathieu Delormeau (Season 9)
Tonya Kinzinger (Season 9)
 Georgia ვარსკვლავების აკადემია
Varskvlavebis Akademia
Rustavi 2

Season 1, 2008: Dito Lagvilava
Season 2, 2009: Cancelled[9]

Sopho Khalvashi
Giorgi Qorqia
 Germany Fame Academy
Tele 5
MTV2 Pop

Season 1, 2003–2004: Become One[10]

Nova Meierhenrich
 Greece Fame Story ANT1
Star Academy - Super Star Academy
Epsilon TV
Cyprus Plus Channel Cyprus
  • Menios Fourthiotis
 Hungary Star Academy Magyaroszag

Season 1, 2016: Renáta Szőcs

Nóra Ördög
 India Fame Gurukul
SET India

Season 1, 2005: Qazi Touqeer & Ruprekha Banerjee

Mandira Bedi (Season 1-Celebrity)
Manav Gohil (Season 1-Celebrity)
Sophie Choudry (Season 2)

Shilpa Sakhlani (Season 2)

Celebrity Fame Gurukul
(Celebrity Format)

Season 1, 2005: Amit Sareen

Fame X Chal Udiye


SAB TV Season 2, 2006–2007: Rehan Khan
 Italy Operazione Trionfo
Italia 1

Season 1, 2002: Bruno Cuomo

Miguel Bosé
Star Academy
Rai 2

Season 1, 2011: Cancelled[11]

Francesco Facchinetti
 Kazakhstan Жұлдыздар фабрикасы
Juldizdar Fabrikasi


Season 1, 2011: Alisher Egemberdiev

 Mexico Operación Triunfo

Season 1, 2002: Darina Márquez

Jaime Camil

 Mongolia Оддын академи
Oddin akademi
Edutainment TV Season 1, 2017: The Wasabies[6]
 Netherlands Star Maker

Season 1, 2001: K-otic[12]

Gijs Staverman
Star Academy

Season 2, 2002: Cancelled[13]

Danny Rook
 Peru Operación Triunfo
América Televisión

Season 1, 2012: Mayra Alejandra Goñi

Gisela Valcárcel
 Philippines Pinoy Dream Academy
Studio 23

Season 1, 2006: Yeng Constantino
Season 2, 2008: Laarni Lozada

Nikki Gil (Season 1–2)
Toni Gonzaga (Season 1–2)
Bianca Gonzalez (Season 1)
Sam Milby (Season 1)
Roxanne Barcelo (Season 1)
Billy Crawford (Season 2)

Pinoy Dream Academy: Little Dreamers
(Kids Format)

Season 1, 2008: Philip Nolasco

 Poland Fabryka Gwiazd

Season 1, 2008: Martyna Melosik

Maciej Rock
 Portugal[14] Academia de Estrelas

Season 1, 2002–03: Mané Crestejo

Teresa Guilherme
Academia de Famosos
(Celebrity Format)

Season 1, 2003: Romana

Paulo Pires
Fernanda Serrano
Operação Triunfo

Season 1, 2003: Sofia Barbosa
Season 2, 2003–04: Sofia Vitória
Season 3, 2007–08: Vânia Fernandes
Season 4, 2010–11: Jorge Roque

Catarina Furtado (Seasons 1–2)
Sílvia Alberto (Seasons 3–4)
 Romania Star Factory
Prima TV

Season 1, 2003–2004: Alex Velea

Laura Iordache
Virgil Ianțu
Fabrica de Staruri
Prime TV
2 Plus

Season 1, 2008–2009: Alexandru Manciu
Season 2, 2010: Alexandru Belenki
Season 3, 2012: Moldova Alexandru Mataev

Andreea Raicu (Season 1)
Dan Negru (Season 2)
Marius Vizante (Season 3)
 Russia Фабрика звёзд
Fabrika zvyozd

Channel One

Season 1, 2002: Pasha Artemyev[15]
Season 2, 2003: Polina Gagarina
Season 3, 2003: Nikita Malinin
Season 4, 2004: Irina Dubtsova
Season 5, 2004: Kazakhstan Victoria Dayneko
Season 6, 2006: Belarus Dmitry Koldun
Season 7, 2007: Ukraine Anastasiya Prikhodko

Yana Churikova
Фабрика звёзд. Возвращение
Fabrika Zvyozd. Vozvrachtcheniè

(All-Stars Format)

Season 1, 2011: Kazakhstan Victoria Dayneko

Yana Churikova
Фабрика звёзд. Россия-Украина
Fabrika Zvyozd. Rossiya-Ukrayina

(All-Stars Format)
Russia Channel One
Ukraine Novyi Kanal

Season 1, 2012: Russia

Russia Yana Churikova
Ukraine Dmitry Shepelyov
Новая Фабрика звёзд
Novaya Fabrika zvyozd


Season 1, 2017: Guzel Hasanova

Ksenia Sobchak
Operación Triunfo
TVE (Seasons 1–3, 9–)
Telecinco (Seasons 4–8)

Season 1, 2001–2002: Rosa López
Season 2, 2002–2003: Ainhoa Cantalapiedra
Season 3, 2003–2004: Vicente Seguí
Season 4, 2005: Sergio Rivero
Season 5, 2006–2007: Lorena Gómez
Season 6, 2008: Virginia Maestro
Season 7, 2009: Mario Álvarez
Season 8, 2011: Paraguay Nahuel Sachak
Season 9, 2017–2018: Amaia Romero
Season 10, 2018: Nigeria Famous Oberogo
Season 11, 2020: Current season

Carlos Lozano (Season 1–3)
Jesús Vázquez (Season 4–7)
Pilar Rubio (Season 8)
Roberto Leal (Season 9–)

 Turkey Akademi Türkiye

Season 1, 2004: Barış Akarsu

Öykü Serter
Star Akademi Türkiye
Kanal 1

Season 2, 2008: Bahadır Sağlam

Star Akademi
Star TV

Season 3, 2011: Giray Songül

 Ukraine Фабрика зірок
Fabrika Zirok

Novyi Kanal

Season 1, 2007–2008: Olga Tsibulska & Alexander Bodyansky
Season 2, 2008: Vladimir Dantes & Vadim Oleynik
Season 3, 2009: Latvia Stas Shurins
Season 4, 2011: Yulia Rudneva

Andriy Domansky (Season 1, 3)
Dmitry Shepelev (Season 2)
Vasilisa Frolova (Season 1)
Masha Efrosinina (Season 3)
Oleksandr Pedan (Season 4)
Erika (Season 4)
Фабрика Суперфiнал
Fabrika Superfinal

(All-Stars Format)

Season 1, 2010: Oleksiy Matias

Masha Efrosinina

 United Kingdom Fame Academy
BBC Three

Series 1, 2002: David Sneddon
Series 2, 2003: Alex Parks

Cat Deeley
Patrick Kielty

Comic Relief Does Fame Academy
(Celebrity Format)

Series 1, 2003: Will Mellor
Series 2, 2005: Edith Bowman
Series 3, 2007: Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

Cat Deeley (Season 1–2)
Patrick Kielty (Season 1–3)
Claudia Winkleman (Season 3)

Fame Academy Bursary

Series 1, 2003: Vishal Gopal
Series 2, 2003: Shona Kipling
Series 3, 2003: Daniel Allinson
Series 4, 2003: Daniel Powell
Series 5, 2003: David Rimbault

 USA The One: Making a Music Star
Canada CBC

Season 1, 2006: Cancelled[16]

George Stroumboulopoulos
 Vietnam Star Academy: Ngôi nhà âm nhạc

Season 1, 2012: Phạm Quốc Huy

Yến Trang
Tuấn Tú
Star Academy Vietnam: Học viện ngôi sao

Season 1, 2014: Hoà Nguyễn (Hoà Minzy)
Season 2, 2015: Nguyễn Ngọc Thảo Nhi

Dustin Nguyễn
Tú Linh
West Africa[17] Project Fame West Africa
Ghana TV3 (Season 1–3)
Ghana Metro TV (Season 4–present)
Liberia Clare TV (Season 1–3, 5–present)
Liberia SKY TV (Season 4)
Nigeria AIT (Season 1–5)
Nigeria GET TV (Season 5–present)
Nigeria MiTV
Nigeria NTA
Nigeria Nigerzie
Nigeria ONTV
Nigeria Silverbird
Nigeria SoundCity
Sierra Leone ABC TV (Season 1–3)
Sierra Leone SLBC (Season 4–5)

Season 1, 2008: Nigeria Iyanya Mbuk
Season 2, 2009: Nigeria Mike Anyasodo
Season 3, 2010: Nigeria Chidinma Ekile
Season 4, 2011: Nigeria Monica Ogah
Season 5, 2012: Nigeria Ayobami Ayoola
Season 6, 2013: Nigeria Olawale Ayodele
Season 7, 2014: Nigeria Geoffrey Oji
Season 8, 2015: Nigeria Jeffery Akor
Season 9, 2016: Nigeria Okiemute Ighorodje

Dare Art Alade (Season 1)
Funlola Raimi (Season 1)
Joseph Benjamin (Season 2-present)
Adaora Oleh (Season 2–6)
Bolanle Olukanni (Season 7-present)
Bosnia and Herzegovina Croatia North Macedonia Montenegro Serbia
Western Balkans[18]
Операција триумф
Operacija Trijumf

Serbia B92
Croatia Nova TV
Montenegro TV In
Bosnia and Herzegovina FTV/RTRS
North Macedonia A1 TV

Season 1, 2008–2009: Bosnia and Herzegovina Adnan Babajić

Ana Mihajlovski
Nikolina Pišek
Milan Kalinić
Maca Marinković

Parodies of Star Academy

  • Mexico: Aperración al Triunfo
  • France: StarLoose Academy, Vedette de Star
  • Greece: Super Star Academy

Special concerts of Star Academy

Country Concert Winner
 Spain "Gala de los ganadores" (The Winners Gala) No winners
 France EUROBEST Chenoa (from Spain)
 France WORLDBEST Elodie (from France)


Country Contestant Song
 Spain Chenoa (finalist of Operación Triunfo 1) "It's Raining Men"
 Belgium Mélanie Martin's "Like a Prayer"
 United Kingdom Lemar (finalist of Fame Academy 1) "With or Without You"
 Portugal Mané Crestejo and Lília Matos "Sussudio"
 Greece Notis Christodoulou "1,2,3… Maria"
 France Nolwenn Leroy "I Will Always Love You"
 Netherlands Sita Vermeulen "All I Wanna Do"
 Russia Korni "We Will Rock You"
 Italy Bruno Cuomo "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word"

"Gala de los ganadores" (The winners gala)

Country Contestant Song
 Spain Ainhoa Cantalapiedra "Sobreviviré"
 Mexico Darina Márquez "Mujer contra mujer"
 Brazil Vanessa Jackson "De volta pra mim"
 Italy Bruno Cuomo "L'atmosfera"


Country Contestant Song
 Spain Miguel and Davinia (Operación Triunfo 3's finalists) "As"
 Argentina Emanuel (finalist of Operación Triunfo 1) "Feel"
 United Kingdom Alistair (Fame Academy 2's finalist) "Everything I do"
 Brazil Nalanda (finalist of FAMA 1) "Whenever"
 Chile Mónica Rodríguez "Lady marmalade"
 France Elodie Frégé "S'il suffisait d'aimer"
 Lebanon Bruno (Star Academy 1) "The cup of life"
 Russia Yulia Savicheva(finalist of Fabrika Zvezd 2) "Thorn"
 Mexico Darina Márquez "Hero"
 Canada Wilfred Le Bouthillier and Marie-Elaine "Turn around"
 Germany Become One "Fame"

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