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MDS 34 Staabsbootsmann 10.svg MDJA 34 Stabsbootsmann 40 Lu.svg MA OG5 34 Stabsbootsmann.svg
shoulder board / cuff title / mounting loop
Rank insignia German NCO rank
Introduction 1955
Rank group Non-commissioned officers
Navy stabsbootsmann
Army / Air Force Stabsfeldwebel
Air Force Senior Master Sergeant

Stabsbootsmann (StBtsm or SB) is the second highest Non-commissioned officer (NCO) rank in the German Navy. It is grouped as OR8 in NATO, equivalent to First Sergeant, Master Sergeant, or Senior Chief Petty Officer in the US Armed forces, and to Warrant Officer Class 2 in the British Army and Royal Navy.

In navy context NCOs of this rank were formally addressed as Herr/ Frau Stabsbootsmann also informally / short Staber.

The sequence of ranks (top-down approach) in that particular group is as follows:
Unteroffiziere mit Portepee


The abbreviation "OR" stands for "Other Ranks / fr: sous-officiers et militaires du rang / ru:другие ранги, кроме офицероф"!

junior Rank
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senior Rank
Oberfähnrich zur See
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Equivalent in other NATO countries

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In 1938 OR8-grades were introduced by the German Kriegsmarine depending on the particular career as follows:

  • Boatswain (de: Bootsmann): Stabsoberbootsmann (Staff senior boatswain)
  • Steersman (de: Steuermann): Stabsobersteuermann (Staff senior steersman)
  • Engineman (de: Maschinist): Stabsobermaschinist (Staff senior engineman)

These grades were equivalent to the German Wehrmacht ranks Stabsfeldwebel and Stabswachmeister, or the Waffen-SS grade Stabsscharführer.

OR8-grades Stabsfeldwebel and Stabswachmeister have been used in the GDR National People's Army until 1990 as well. The equivalent in the Volksmarine was Stabsmeister.

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