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Spinka is the name of a Hasidic group within Orthodox Judaism. The group originated in a city called Săpânţa (Yiddish: Spinka‎), Maramureş, today located in Romania, previously Hungarian.

Spinka rebbes

The first Spinka Rebbe was Joseph Meir Weiss, author of Imrei Yosef. He was succeeded by his son, Isaac Weiss, author of Chakal Yitzchak. The Chakal Yitzchak was murdered by the Nazis in the Holocaust.

After World War II, the group was divided among many Rebbes, descendants of the Imrei Yosef. Spinka Rebbes can be found in Williamsburg, Boro Park, Flatbush, Kiryas Joel, Queens, Monsey, Bnei Brak, Antwerp, London, throughout Israel, and Europe. All are offshoots of the original dynasty. Several Spinka Rebbes live in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn alone, and Israeli branches are found in Jerusalem and Bnei Brak.

Among the surnames of the Spinka Rebbes are Weiss, Horowitz, and Kahane.

Lineage of Spinka rebbes

Isaac Weiss

Lineage of Krula - Spinka Rebbes (Horowitz branch)

  • Joseph Meir Weiss - (1838-1909 (ו' אייר תרס"ט)) - Author of Imrei Yosef
    • Isaac Weiss - (1875-1944) - Author of Chakal Yitzchak, son of the Imrei Yosef
      • Abraham Abish Horowitz of Kruly, son-in-law of the Chakal Yitzchak
        • Samuel Tzvi Horowitz - Spinka Rebbe of Williamsburg - affectionately known as "Reb Hershele Spinker", son of Rabbi Abish of Kruly
          • Issachar Dov Berish Horowitz, (d. 2007 (י"ט תשרי תשס"ח))- Spinka Rebbe in Williamsburg - Beth Samuel Tzvi Synagogue - the eldest son of Reb Hershele Spinker
            • Joseph Meir Horowitz - Spinka Rebbe in Williamsbug - Beth Samuel Tzvi Synagogue - eldest son of Reb Berish Spinker.
            • Moshe Yakov Horowitz - Spinka Rebbe in Airmont - Oholei Tzvi Synagogue - son Of Reb Berish Spinker.
            • Aron Duved Horowitz - Zabiltover Rebbe in Williamsburg - son Of Reb Berish Spinker.
          • Abraham Abish Horowitz - Spinka Rebbe in Williamsburg - Beth Isaac Synagogue - son of Reb Hershele Spinker
          • Isaac Horowitz - Spinka Rebbe in Williamsburg - Toldoth Tzvi Synagogue - son of Reb Hershele Spinker
          • Nata Horowitz - Spinka Rebbe in williamsburg - Beth Abraham Synagogue - son of Reb Hershele Spinker
          • Naphtali Horowitz - Kruly Rebbe of Williamsburg - the youngest son of Reb Hershele Spinker

Lineage of Spinka Rabbonim (Kahane branch)

  • Joseph Meir Weiss (1838-1909 (ו' אייר תרס"ט)) - Author of Imrei Yosef
    • Nachman Kahane - Author of Orchos Chaim - son-in-law of the Imrei Yosef

Lineage of the Ulemer Rabbis of the Friedman family from the Spinka line

  • Joseph Meir Weiss, (1838-1909 (ו' אייר תרס"ט)) - Spinka Rebbe - Author of Imrei Yosef
    • Isaac Weiss, (1875-1944) - Spinka Rebbe - Author of Chakal Yitzchak, son of the Imrei Yosef
      • Israel Chaim Weiss, (d. 1944) - son of the Chakal Yitzchak
        • Shmuel Friedman, Chief Rabbi of Ulem - son of Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak Friedman - son-in-law of Rabbi Israel Chaim Weiss

Financial fraud

In 2009, rabbi Naftali Tzi Weisz and 5 other Spinka members pleaded guilty to charges in what prosecutors called " a decade-long tax fraud and money laundering scheme".[1][2][3][4][5]


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  • Video clips of Meir Eleazar Weiss, the Spinka Rebbe of 18th avenue in Boro Park, celebrating Sukkos
  • Video of a Wedding of scions of the Spinka dynasty, with the participation of several Spinka Rebbes
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