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Spike was a British comics anthology that ran from 22 January 1983 to 28 April 1984. Published by D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd, it was a traditional 'action comic for boys', with many of its strips revolving around football, athletics, school, war, sci-fi, espionage and mystery. After just 67 issues it merged with Champ comic in May 1984.

Strips published in the comic

  • The Spike Report concerning the adventures of Spike, a rebellious teenager, with a hatred of authority. Drawn by artist Brian Walker.
  • Iron Barr about an incredibly talented working class amateur goalkeeper, and scrap-metal merchant, named Charlie Barr, (similar in concept to Tough of the Track).
  • The Man In Black a story revolving around the fictional legendary British athlete William Wilson.
  • The Bleak Street Bunch a Grange Hill school-style serial dealing with contemporary issues in the fictional town of Slagley.
  • Ticker Tait an espionage story about a British secret agent with a bomb implanted in his heart.
  • Midshipman Coward a tale about a sailor boy.
  • The Taming Of Johnny Tough a story about a teenage boy who is trained (by unorthodox methods) to be a top British footballer.
  • Powerbeast a science fiction, serial set in the 26th century, about an evil entity intent on destroying the universe.
  • Krazy Kops a comedy comic strip about incompetent police officers, which had originally appeared in Sparky under the name L Cars.

External links

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