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Online volunteers are editors who assist users who are enrolled in third party courses that involve editing Wikipedia. For more information see Wikipedia:Education program. If you wish to become an online ambassador, see steps to becoming an Online Ambassador. If you are already an online ambassador and wish to create or edit your entry see Special:OnlineVolunteerProfile. If you are an instructor looking to sign up a specific online volunteer for your course, contact them via their talk page, as listed below.

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ReaderofthePack (talk | contribs) I've been editing since 2006, but most heavily in the last few years. I'm currently a MLIS student at Drexel University, where I'm majoring in digital archiving. My favorite editing subjects tend to be film, pop culture, and literary related topics, but I've edited on a semi-wide variety of themes. I'm good at starting articles and finding sources.  
DESiegel (talk | contribs) I have been a Wikipedia editor since early 2005, and an admin since late 2005. I am professional software developer, and have bee3n for over 25 years. I have strong interests in Mathematics, History, and Law. I am a wide-ranging reader, particularly of science fiction. I have worked on the Internet Speculative Fiction Database and Project Gutenberg. I have assisted many new Wikipedia editors at the Help Desk and through the Articles for Creation process.  
  Czar (talk | contribs) While I have no primary Wikipedia domain, my formal background is in education and art. I edit widely, and upon request, will have many creative suggestions for article ideas and WP-based curriculum design. I am currently a history of education graduate student at the UW–Madison.  
Ragesoss (talk | contribs) I'm Sage Ross. I have training in the history of science, and I've been editing Wikipedia since 2005. I'm willing to support classes working on the history of science and other humanities topics related to science and technology.  
  Go Phightins! (talk | contribs) Hi! My name is Ben. I am known on Wikipedia as Go Phightins!, a reference to my eternal favorite baseball team, the Philadelphia Phillies. I am ecstatic to be a Wikipedia Online Ambassador and look forward to working with students and professors to help introduce them to the Wikipedia community. I have experience in the adoption program and at the Teahouse, both of which are great resources for new users. I am always available at my talk page or via email.  
Kudpung (talk | contribs) Hi, I'm Kudpung from England and live in Thailand since 2000. I'm a retired lecturer of linguistics and on en.Wikipedia since 2006 where I'm also an admin. I coordinate the Schools project and work a lot in policy areas. You can contact me on my talk page where you will see if I'm online, and by email.  
Bilby (talk | contribs) Hi! I'm Adam Jenkins, an academic from the University of South Australia, and a long-term Wikipedia editor. I teach in Information Technology and Information Systems, but I also have an undergraduate background in humanities, with a broad range of interests, and did my postgraduate work in Philosophy. On Wikipedia I do a fair amount of research work for developing articles, but I also help out on copyright problems.  
The Interior (talk | contribs) Hello, I am a Wikipedian living in Vancouver, British Columbia. I've been editing Wikipedia since December of 2008. I enjoy writing new articles, fixing up old ones, and adding my own images to the project. My interests include film, history, natural history, popular music, and geography. I enjoy helping new users get on their feet - please feel free to drop me a note on my talk page.  
Sadads (talk | contribs) I am a long time editor who has been participating with the Ambassador program for several years. My main focus on Wikipedia is on history and literature topics, but I enjoy supporting many of the other areas, so if you need help let me know.  
Keilana (talk | contribs) Hi, I'm Keilana! I'm an undergrad at Loyola University Chicago and I'm a longtime Wikipedia editor and administrator. Here, my main specialty is astronomy articles, but I've written on a fair number of other topics, including biographies of women scientists and history of technology. In real life, I'm a biology/physics/biophysics major and amateur astronomer. I'd prefer to help out science courses but I'm open to anything!  
Yunshui (talk | contribs) Hi, I'm Yunshui. I spend most of my time on Wikipedia working in administrative areas or helping new users, so I'm well-practiced at explaining our (often arcane) policies and practices to neophytes. Inexperienced editors can sometimes get a rough ride as they deal with the steep learning curve here; I try, where possible, to smooth out the bumps. I also spend a lot of time deleting inappropriate content - the flipside being that I have a good grasp of what will and won't get deleted, and can help students make the necessary tweaks to avoid their work being binned.  
Protonk (talk | contribs) I'm a software developer in Boston and graduate of UW-Milwaukee. I've supported 3 courses at Alverno College as a Campus Ambassador and several courses at schools ranging from Georgetown to University of Washington as an Online Ambassador. My background is in economics but I love articles on any subject.  
Titodutta (talk | contribs) Hello, I am Tito (Dutta), 25 years old, male, graduate from City College, Kolkata. I have interest in a wide range of subjects, specially the following: a) Biographies, b) India (History (specially Vedic period) and any achievement in any field) c) West Bengal (Culture of Bengal, places, Bengali films, Bengali theatre, famous people) d) Bangladesh (Culture of Bangladesh, Bangladeshi theatre, history of Bangladesh (till 1980)) e) Hinduism (Deities, concepts, topics related to Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna etc). In Wikipedia I generally work on article creation and expansion. I do a lot of Wikification and copyediting work too.  
Graeme Bartlett (talk | contribs) Lately I have been helping out at Did you know. I have written articles on chemistry, astronomy, regional geology, Australian places, and Frisian people. I have a Master of Engineering Science degree, and have worked in the IT industry for a few decades. I have had four semesters in the program.  
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