South Suli Lake

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South Suli Lake
Qarhan Playa.png
A map of the Qarhan Playa (1975), with Suli Lake (Se-nieh Hu) in the far west and S. Suli Lake (unlabeled) below it
South Suli Lake is located in Qinghai
South Suli Lake
South Suli Lake
Location Golmud County
Haixi Prefecture
Qinghai Province
Coordinates 36°58′45″N 94°16′20″E / 36.97917°N 94.27222°E / 36.97917; 94.27222Coordinates: 36°58′45″N 94°16′20″E / 36.97917°N 94.27222°E / 36.97917; 94.27222
Type Endorheic saline lake
Native name 南涩聂湖  (Chinese)
Primary inflows Zaohuo River
Basin countries China
Surface area 0–1.5 km2 (0.00–0.58 sq mi)
Surface elevation 2,675 m (8,780 ft)
South Suli Lake
Traditional Chinese 南澀聶
Simplified Chinese 南涩聂
Little Suli Lake
Traditional Chinese 小澀聶
Simplified Chinese 小涩聂
New Suli Lake
Traditional Chinese 新澀聶
Simplified Chinese 新涩聂

South, Little, or New Suli or Senie Lake is a small ephemeral lake in Golmud County, Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province, China. It lies in the southwest corner of the Qarhan Playa in the southeast Qaidam Basin. It is part of Qarhan's Bieletan subbasin, located south of Suli Lake and west of Dabiele Lake. It is principally fed from the southwest by the Zaohuo or Little Zaohuo River (小灶火, Xiǎozàohuǒ Hé)[1] and consists of a 1.5 km2 (0.58 sq mi) basin which gradually evaporates into three smaller ponds. As part of the Bieletan subbasin, it is rich in lithium chloride.[2]

It takes its name from its position relative to the larger Suli Lake, itself supposedly a transcription of a Mongolian placename derived from the word for "temples" or "sideburns".[3]

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