South Sandwich Plate

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South Sandwich Plate
The Sandwich Plate
Type Minor
Approximate area 170,000 km2[1]
Movement1 east
Speed1 47mm/year
Features South Sandwich Islands, Southern Ocean
1Relative to the African Plate
Map of South Sandwich Plate (SAN) shows its position between the Scotia Plate (SCO), South American Plate (SAM) and the Antarctic Plate (ANT). There are also visible The East Scotia Ridge (ESR), South Sandwich Islands (SSI) and the South Sandwich Trench (SST).

The South Sandwich Plate or Sandwich Plate is a minor tectonic plate bounded by the subducting South American Plate to the east, the Antarctic Plate to the south and the Scotia Plate to the west. The plate is separated from the Scotia Plate by the East Scotia Rise, a back arc spreading ridge formed by the subduction zone on its eastern margin.

The South Sandwich Islands are located on this small plate.


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