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The South Carolina Line was a formation within the Continental Army. The term "South Carolina Line" referred to the quota of numbered infantry regiments assigned to South Carolina at various times by the Continental Congress. These, together with similar contingents from the other twelve states, formed the Continental Line. The concept was particularly important in relation to the promotion of commissioned officers. Officers of the Continental Army below the rank of brigadier general were ordinarily ineligible for promotion except in the line of their own state.

Units belonging to the State Line

The following units belonged to the South Carolina State troops initially and joined became the Continental Army on the dates indicated. The original commanders, their ranks, and the dates the units were established and disbanded are included.[1][2]

Unit Date established Date Joined Continental Line Disbanded Original Commander, Rank
South Carolina 1st Regiment (Infantry) June 6, 1775 November 4, 1775 My 12, 1780 Gadsden, Christopher, COL.
South Carolina 2nd Regiment (Infantry) June 6, 1775 November 4, 1775 May 12, 1780 Moultrie, William, COL.
South Carolina 3rd Regiment (Rangers) June 6, 1775 July 24, 1776 May 12, 1780 Thomson, William, COL.
South Carolina 4th Regiment (Artillery) November 14, 1775 June 18, 177 May 12, 1780 Roberts, Owen, COL.
South Carolina 5th Regiment (Rifles) February 22, 1776 March 25, 1776 February 1780 Huger, Isaac, COL.
South Carolina 6th Regiment (Rifles) February 28, 1776 March 25, 1776 February 1780 Sumter, Thomas. COL.

All of the State Troops that became Continental Line were effectively decimated during the Siege of Charleston--either by action or by surrender on May 12, 1780.

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