9M337 Sosna-R

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9M337 Sosna-R
Type Surface to air missile
Place of origin Russian Federation
Service history
Used by Russian Federation
Warhead 1× Fragmented-rod warhead
1× AP-Frag warhead
Combined impact/proximity laser fuze

10 km
Flight altitude 10 km
Speed 4mach
Laser guidance
Radio guidance
Sosna vehicle
Palma CIWS
Palash CIWS

The 9M337 Sosna-R (Pine) (SA-24)[1][2] is a Russian radar and laser-guided supersonic (Mach 4) two-stage missile. It is used in Sosna-R short range air defense missile system designed to protect military units from air attacks in all types of combat situations, including during march, that was developed by KB Tochmash as a successor to 9K35 Strela-10. It is a cheaper alternative to the Tor missile system and Pantsir-S1 and designed to work in passive mode with the help of different imaging systems (thermal camera, TV camera) and a laser rangefinder in order to find and engage a target. Sosna-R is able to operate effectively under the control of various types of old, modern and prospective battery command posts, the most preferable of which is the FPU "Assembly-M1-2" (9S80M1-2) and is resistant to jamming. It uses a tracked SAM launcher with 12 missiles of 10 km range and altitude of 10 km, based on the MT-LB vehicle. Those 12 missiles can be reloaded in 12 minutes.[3][4] The Sosna can also deliver fire while on the move.[5] The system has a crew of two: the driver and gunner.

The system is armed with 12 9M340 missiles that are held in their transport-launch containers and arranged in two banks of six.[6] Sosna-R hyper-velocity beam rider 38 kg missiles are two-stage, capable of destroying aircraft, helicopters, missiles, cruise missiles, aerial bombs, small-sized air attack weapons including elements of high-precision weapons and light armored vehicles. The missile can change direction mid-flight.[7][8] It also has a combined impact/proximity laser fuze. Its payload is made up of two warheads weighing a total of 7 kg. The fragmented-rod warhead is designed for proximity detonation when flying close to the target, while the armor-piercing/fragmentation (AP-Frag) warhead goes off on impact.[9] The system has high resistance to jamming and besides its passive mode of operation it can be equipped with additional small-size acquisition radar. In 2017, official tests of the newest air defense missile system Bagulnik (domestic variant which is currently named Strela-10ML) were successfully completed.[10][11][12][13]


Within 8–10 (≤ 20) km.


  • Sosna A weapon module for MBT, IFV, APC, AFV
  • Sosna RA for AFV, MBT, IFV, APC
  • Palash CIWS
  • Palma CIWS


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