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Gry Forssell By Daniel Åhs Karlsson.jpg
Show host Gry Forssell
Also known as 'Summercross (English)
Starring Gry Forssell
Country of origin Sweden
Original network SVT1 (2005)
TV4 (2006–present)
Original release 3 June 2005 (2005-06-03) – present

Sommarkrysset (pronounced [²sɔmːarkrʏsːɛt]) is a Swedish television program that is broadcast live from the Gröna Lund amusement park in Stockholm during the summer. It was first shown on 3 June 2005.[1]

The program consists of live performances by famous artists in front of a live audience while viewers can call in and win a certain amount of money. To have the chance to win this money, the viewer first has to figure out a word which is derived by entering the answers to questions (one letter in each box) on a piece of graph paper with 5x5 squares like a crossword.[2]

The program is produced by Baluba Television after a TV-format created by Baluba.

The Lotto draw is usually broadcast live with Ulrika Bengtsson as a presenter, although others have presented the draw at times. Annika Duckmark has also been a regular presenter.

Guests and artists in Sommarkrysset

Listed below are the artists who appeared in the program over the years.


Host: Peter Settman


Host: Gry Forssell

Returning guests during the season: Markoolio.


Host: Gry Forssell, Rickard Olsson

Returning guests during the season: Kicken from The Poodles, Tobbe Trollkarl och coedian Per Andersson (actor).


Host: Gry Forssell

Returning guests during the season: Kicken & Noppe (played by Carl Adam Lewenhaupt), Bosse Rappne och Christian Hellberg.


Host: David Hellenius, Carina Berg & Carolina Gynning, Tobbe Blom och Måns Zelmerlöw


Host: E.M.D., Måns Möller, Linda Bengtzing och Gry Forssell.

Returning guests during the season: David Druid


Host: Gry Forssell. 9 July och 16 July deputies Agneta Sjödin as host.

Returning guests during the season: Rolandz with Robert Gustafsson.


Host: Gry Forssell and Agneta Sjödin split up the season as hosts.


Host: Gry Forssell


Host: Gry Forssell


Returning guests during the season: Sean Banan


Host: Gry Forssell

Returning guests during the season: Brynolf & Ljung


Host: Gry Forssell

9 July: Linda Pira & Molly Sandén, Sabina Ddumba, Margaret (Poland), Owe Thörnqvist, Panetoz.

16 July: Näääk & Nimo med Kaliffa, Caroline af Ugglas, The Fooo Conspiracy, Jennifer Brown, Boris Renée.

23 July: Little Jinder, Movits!, Takida, Elisa Lindström, Samir & Viktor.

30 July: Malena Ernman, SaRaha, State of Sound, Jakob Karlberg, Amanda Winberg, Evelina Olsén.

6 August: John de Sohn med Albin Johnsen & Mattias Andreasson, Charlotte Perrelli & Brolle, Wiktoria, Mariette, Flying Illusion (Tyskland)

13 August: Dua Lipa (England), Doug Seegers (USA), Kristin Amparo & Combo De La Musica, Martin Stenmarck, Isa a.o.

20 August: Rebecca & Fiona, Shawn Hook (Canada), Måns Zelmerlöw, Alcazar, Joshua Radin] (USA) a.o.

Returning guests during the season: Samir & Viktor, Bianca Wahlgren Ingrosso and Ellen Bergström.


Host: Gry Forssell

10 June: Magnus Uggla, Nano, KSMB, Kamferdrops (Norway), Charlotte Perrelli

17 June: Marcus & Martinus (Norway), Rhys[disambiguation needed], Rebecca & Fiona with Dolores Haze, Niello feat. Robin Stjernberg, Martin Stenmarck

24 June: Margaret (Poland), Tjuvjakt, Tommy Nilsson, Tone Norum, Anton Ewald, The Music of Motown musical (feat. Gladys del Pilar, Jessica Folcker, Blossom Tainton)

8 July: Rita Ora (England), The Rasmus (Finland/USA), Eric Gadd, Mariette, Thomas Stenström

15 July: Starley (Australia), Jens Lekman, Linda Pira, Anton Hagman, Benjamin Ingrosso

22 July: Lilla Namo, Finess & Miss Li, Jon Henrik Fjällgren & Aninia, Elisa Lindström, Dolly Style

29 July: Ray BLK (England), Strandels, Peg Parnevik, Stiftelsen, Thomas Sekelius, Champions of Rock feat. Jenna Lee-James & Peter Johansson

19 August: Eric Saade, Icona Pop, Courtney Marie Andrews (USA), Molly Sandén, Nano, Mange Schmidt.

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Vinterkrysset (Wintercross)

Vinterkrysset is a wintertime spin-off variation on Sommarkrysset, the program has been broadcast in two rounds on TV4. The first time the program was broadcast was in 2006 in Tyrol, Gröna Lund.

Guests and artists in Vinterkrysset


Host: Gry Forssell


Host: Gry Forssell

Returning guests during the season: Carolina Gynning and comedian Per Andersson act like reporters.


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