Simple System Table-Top RPG

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Simple System Table-Top Roleplaying Game System
Designer(s) Derek Matthews
Publisher(s) Dashing Inventor Games
Publication date June 1, 2014 (Early Access, Digital files), September, 2014 (Initial release, Projected)
Genre(s) Non-specific

The Simple System is a card based Tabletop role-playing game system that was funded using Kickstarter in May 2014.[1] The Simple System uses reusable double-sided Character Cards for each player (up to 5 players), Skill Cards and Item Cards with complete rule text to represent commonly used skills, weapons and other items. In addition Life and Dying Cards shows the Health Status of each player. The dice used in other Tabletop roleplaying games are swapped for a Resolution Deck that not only indicates success and failure of any attempted action, but also indicates directions, damage and turn order when needed. The Simple System includes cards (Hero, Story, and Complication Cards) for the Game Master to reward and punish players for interesting choices and unlucky resolutions.

The Kickstarter Funding

The initial funding request was for 1,500 US dollars, but when the funding was completed the Simple System had brought in pledges for almost 28,000 US dollars. The initial funding request only included Character Cards and Resolution Decks for the players and the Game Master; Physical Rulebook, Support Deck, Status Tokens for up to 5 players, and Settings Cards for the Game Master; a Content Creator Packages for designing your own campaigns using the Simple System; and the complete package with everything needed for up to five players. All pledges above 10 US dollar included digital files for play by virtual Tabletop gaming systems. International shipping of the complete package was added within days of the initial funding request by popular demand.

After having reached the initial funding request, stretch goals supplying digital Power Cards, Race and Class Cards, Vehicle Cards and Space Combat Supplement was made, each of which was fulfilled by the end of the Kickstarter Project.

A request for Early Access to a digital demo version of Simple system was also available for any backers.

The Simple System Explained

Being an open genre roleplaying system, the Simple System only provides the players and the Game Master the tools to start any adventure within minutes of sitting down at the table. The character can be created on the spot, or written down on the Character Card from a saved copy, preferably using digital notes of previous games. Health Status Cards, Items in the inventory, and Skills are the provided by the GM, as necessary, in addition to Power, Hero, and Story Cards as required by the Campaign or Scenario played. Previously played Character may also receive Complication Cards as required by the player. As all rules are provided on the cards, the Game Master can concentrate his or her effort completely on developing the story line of the campaign or scenario. After the initial explanation of how to use the Resolution Deck, the Power, Hero and Story Cards, and the Health Status Cards, the Rule Book can be thrown away never to be seen again.

The Resolution Deck

The Resolution Deck is for the Simple System what the dice are for other roleplaying games. Having flipped the required card(s) the results can be read and interpreted immediately by the players and the Game Master. There is no need to consult the Character Card or any rulebook for an interpretation of the result. The checks and crosses are clearly visible for everyone to see. Additional information such as damage, direction and turn order are also printed on the cards.

The Reward Cards

The Hero, Story and Complication Cards are the rewards given out by the Game Master in the Simple System, although Complication Cards are not favourable rewards to receive. The Hero Card allows you to try to change the outcome of an attempt, evolve your character at the end of the session, or to stay alive. These are the uses indicated in the rulebook, but the GM may allow other uses of the Hero Cards. Story Cards gives the players the opportunity to change the current setting somewhat in favour of the player, although creating the opportunity does not guarantee a successful result. Lastly, the Complication Cards are the bastard of the reward cards. They force a player to have worse luck when flipping cards from the Resolution deck, critically hampering the player's action for as long as the Complication Card is held by the player. Fortunately for the players, the GM will only hand out Complication Cards if (s)he believes the action of the player resulted in an injury or other handicapping result that would've seriously impeded the character if this was reality.

Creating Customized Content

The Simple System provides the Game Masters, and other interested parties, with the tools to create and print customized content as needed for the campaigns or scenarios played. The creation is encouraged by the publisher. Rules for making customized content compatible with any other available customized content is provided with the game. Templates was provided as digital files through the Kickstarter project, and are also available at the official website[2]

The provided Setting Cards (Weapons, Skills, Items, Powers, and such) are intended as examples of what can be created using the Simple system.


Early Access

The Early Access Demo was released on June 1. and 2, 2014, as a set of files made available through Google Drive. The Early Access Demo contained an outline of the rules, a Sci-Fi campaign, and all necessary files for the campaign.


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