Siliana Governorate

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ولاية سليانة
Map of Tunisia with Siliana highlighted
Map of Tunisia with Siliana highlighted
Coordinates: 36°10′N 9°22′E / 36.167°N 9.367°E / 36.167; 9.367Coordinates: 36°10′N 9°22′E / 36.167°N 9.367°E / 36.167; 9.367
Country Tunisia
Created June 5, 1974
Capital Siliana
 • Total 4,642 km2 (1,792 sq mi)
Area rank Ranked 12th of 24
Population (2014)
 • Total 223,087
 • Rank Ranked 20th of 24
 • Density 48/km2 (120/sq mi)
Time zone CET (UTC+01)
Postal prefix xx
ISO 3166 code TN-34

Siliana Governorate (Tunisian Arabic: ولاية سليانةWilāyat Silyānah pronounced [ˌsɪlˈjæːnæ]) is one of the twenty-four governorates (provinces) of Tunisia, is landlocked and is in the north of the country. It covers an area of 4,631 km² and has a population of 223,087 (2014 census).[1] The capital is Siliana.


The province is coextensive with the upper Oued Siliana (Siliana river) catchment which flows north. The land includes a largely fertile valley, tributary valleys, and rocky and forested uplands. It generally slopes north. The south of the governorate tapers in a curve to include the three main peaks at the head of the valley in the dorsal[clarification needed] Atlas Mountains. Shortly after leaving the governorate, the Oued Siliana feeds into the valley of the Medjerda River, which flows east. Two main settlements are beside the river: Siliana and Gaafour (Qa Afur). Two forested ridges form national parks mainly within and outside the north-west and south-east borders respectively.[clarification needed] The higher of these is the Djebel Serj to the south east. The Siliana Barrage, below the city[which?], is an artificial reservoir and is the largest lake in the province, followed by the Lakhmess Barrage in the south-east, which is less than a third of its size. The climate is more Mediterranean than desert, as it is near the coast (see Tunisia§Climate) with temperatures in all but the northern borders moderated by its high elevation.[2]

Administrative divisions

Ten municipalities are in Siliana Governorate:

Code Municipality Population
2411 Siliana 31,251
2412 Bou Arada 13,162
2413 Gaâfour 10,399
2414 El Krib 7,841
2415 Sidi Bou Rouis 3,258
2416 Maktar 13,542
2417 Rouhia 4,675
2418 Kesra 2,602
2419 Bargou 4,916
2420 El Aroussa 2,905


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