Sick of the Studio '07

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Sick of the Studio '07
Tour by Metallica
Location Europe
Start date June 28, 2007
End date October 28, 2007
Legs 2
No. of shows 14
Metallica concert chronology

Sick of the Studio '07 was a 2007 concert tour by American heavy metal band Metallica, which took place in Europe. The first four concerts were in festivals and the last eight in stadiums. The band held a tourname-competition among the fans and they personally chose the winning suggestion. The band did not play the "New Song" but the "Other New Song", which they had played on the previous tour (Escape from the Studio '06), was played at the Bilbao BBK Live Festival [1] The setlists of the tour were full of old songs. In Lisbon, Metallica performed "...And Justice For All" for the first time since October 1989.

On July 13 there was a power failure at the Denmark show and the PA went down. The recording of the show stopped. As all the shows, the band offers through all the concerts available for buying. After this accident the band offered half of the show for a free download.

All profit coming from sales of the Live Earth show, through or iTunes Store, is headed to charity organizations; The Sierra Club, The Apollo Alliance, WWF and Rainforest Action Network specifically.

Typical setlist

(Taken from the Athens, Greece Rockwave Festival show on July 3, 2007)

  1. "Creeping Death"
  2. "Fuel"
  3. "Wherever I May Roam"
  4. "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
  5. "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)"
  6. "...And Justice for All"
  7. "The Memory Remains"
  8. "Disposable Heroes"
  9. "Orion"
  10. "Fade to Black"
  11. "Master of Puppets"
  12. "Battery"
  13. "Sad but True"
  14. "Nothing Else Matters"
  15. "One"
  16. "Enter Sandman"
  17. "Whiplash"
  18. "Seek & Destroy"

Tour dates

Date City Country Venue Boxoffice
June 28, 2007 Lisbon Portugal Super Bock Super Rock
June 29, 2007 Bilbao Spain Bilbao Live Festival
July 1, 2007 Werchter Belgium Rock Werchter
July 3, 2007 Malakasa Greece Rockwave Festival
July 5, 2007 Vienna Austria Rotundenplatz
July 7, 2007 London United Kingdom Live Earth
July 8, 2007 Wembley Stadium
July 10, 2007 Oslo Norway Valle Hovin $4,121,600[2]
July 12, 2007 Stockholm Sweden Stockholm Olympic Stadium
July 13, 2007 Aarhus Denmark Vestereng $5,921,398[2]
July 15, 2007 Helsinki Finland Helsinki Olympic Stadium $3,972,320[2]
July 18, 2007 Moscow Russia Luzhniki Stadium
North America
October 27, 2007 Mountain View, California United States Bridge School Benefit
October 28, 2007


Album Song Times
Kill 'Em All (1983) "The Four Horsemen" 7
"Whiplash" 8
"Seek & Destroy" 11
Ride the Lightning (1984) "Ride the Lightning" 5
"For Whom the Bell Tolls" 9
"Fade to Black" 7
"Creeping Death" 11
Master of Puppets (1986) "Battery" 7
"Master of Puppets" 11
"The Thing That Should Not Be" 1
"Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" 8
"Disposable Heroes" 13
"Leper Messiah" 1
"Orion" 11
"Damage, Inc." 1
...And Justice for All (1988) "...And Justice for All" 10
"One" 11
Metallica (1991) "Enter Sandman" 12
"Sad But True" 11
"The Unforgiven" 6
"Wherever I May Roam" 7
"Nothing Else Matters" 14
ReLoad (1997) "Fuel" 3
"The Memory Remains" 11
Garage Inc. (1998) "Turn the Page" 1
"Last Caress" 1
"Am I Evil?" 3
"Stone Cold Crazy" 1
S&M (1999) "No Leaf Clover" 5
St. Anger (2003) "All Within My Hands" 2
New songs "The Other New Song" 1
Rare Earth cover "I Just Want to Celebrate" 2
Nazareth cover "Please Don't Judas Me" 2
Garbage cover "Only Happy When It Rains" 1
Blue Öyster Cult cover "Veteran of the Psychic Wars" 1
Dire Straits cover "Brothers in Arms" 2



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