Shudja ad Din Ahmad Khan

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Shudja ad Din Ahmad Khan
Khan of Yarkent
Reign 1609 – 1618
Predecessor Muhammad Sultan
Successor Kuraysh Sultan
Born 1570
Died 1618

Shah Shujaʿ al-Din Ahmad Khan (commonly known as Khan Shahid) was son of Muhammad Sultan and was Khan of Yarkand after death of his father sultan Muhammad Khan from 1609 to 1618.

List of khans of the Yarkent Khanate

Genealogy of Chaghatai Khanate

In Babr Nama written by Babur, Page 19, Chapter 1; described genealogy of his maternal grandfather Yunas Khan as:

Yunas Khan descended from Chaghatal Khan, the second son of Chlngiz Khan (as follows,) Yunas Khan, son of Wais Khan, son of Sher-'ali Aughldn, son of Muhammad Khan, son of Khizr Khwaja Khan, son of Tughluq-timur Khan, son of Aisan-bugha Khan, son of Dawa Khan, son of Baraq Khan, son of Yesuntawa Khan, son of Muatukan, son of Chaghatal Khan, son of Chingiz Khan.[1]

Genealogy of Abdul Karim Khan according to Tarikh-i-Rashidi of Mirza Muhammad Haidar Dughlat
  1. Chingiz Khan
  2. Chaghatai Khan
  3. Mutukan
  4. Yesü Nto'a
  5. Ghiyas-ud-din Baraq
  6. Duwa
  7. Esen Buqa I
  1. Tughlugh Timur
  2. Khizr Khoja
  3. Muhammad Khan (Khan of Moghulistan)
  4. Shir Ali Oglan
  5. Uwais Khan(Vaise Khan)
  6. Yunus Khan
  7. Ahmad Alaq
  1. Sultan Said Khan
  2. Abdurashid Khan
  3. Muhammad Sultan
  4. Shudja ad Din Ahmad Khan
  5. Abdal Latif Sultan (Afak Khan)

Research project by Dr Abdul Rauf Mughal


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