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The four sons of Dasaratha circumbulate the altar during their marriage rites.jpg
The four sons of Dasharatha circumbulate the altar during their marriage rites
Family Kushadhwaja (father)
Chandrabhaga (mother)
Spouse(s) Shatrughna
Children Shatrughati
Relatives Mandavi (sister)
Sita, Urmila (cousin-sisters)

In Hindu epic Ramayana, Shrutakirti or Shrutkeerti(IAST Śrutakīrti) is daughter of king Kushadhwaja and his wife queen Chandrabhaga. Kushadhwaja is brother of king Janaka, whose daughter Sita is married to Rama, the main character of the epic. Shurtakirti is married to Rama's youngest brother Shatrughna. They had two sons-Shatrughati and Subahu. She had an elder sister Mandavi.[1]


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