Shetkaryaca Asud

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शेतकऱ्याचा आसुड
Author Jyotirao Phule
Original title Marathi
Translator Gail Omvedt
Country India
Language Marathi
Genre Dalit Literature
Publication date

Shetkaryaca Asud (The Whipcord of the Cultivators) is a book written by Jyotirao Phule and published in 1881. It is a critique of the exploitation of shudra peasantry by a British and Brahmin bureaucratic alliance.

The book gives a few of the numerous reasons connected with the religion and politics that had put the Shudra farmers in such a pitiable condition. It argues that a tyrannical religion, the dominance of Brahmin employees in government departments and the luxury-loving indolence of British administrators meant that the Shudra farmers were tormented and deceived.

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