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Shallum ("retribution") was the name of several people of the Old Testament.

Shallum of Israel

King of Israel.

Alternative name of Jehoahaz

King of Judah

Son of Tikvah

Keeper of the temple-wardrobe in the reign of Josiah (2 Kings 22:14) and husband of Huldah the Prophetess.

One of the posterity of Judah

(1 Chronicles 2:40, 41).

A descendant of Simeon

(1 Chr. 4:25).

A descendant of Levi

One of the line of the high priests (1 Chr. 6:13).

Israelite religious titles
Preceded by
According to I Chronicles 6:12
Preceded by
According to Josephus[1]
Preceded by
(According to the Seder 'Olam Zutta)
High Priest of Israel Succeeded by

One of the sons of Naphtali

(1 Chr. 7:13).

A gatekeeper who lived in Jerusalem

(1 Chr. 9:17)

A Levite porter

(1 Chr. 9:19, 31; Jeremiah 35:4).

The uncle of the prophet Jeremiah

(Jer. 32:7).

Son of Hallohesh

Ruler of a half-district of Jerusalem, repaired a section of the wall of Jerusalem with the help of his daughters (Nehemiah 3:12).


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