Shahzada Kamran Durrani

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Shahzada Kamran Durrani
Crown Prince of Afghanistan
Shahzada Kamran Durrani.jpeg
Head of House of Sadozai
Tenure 1789–1840
Successor Mahmud Shah Durrani
Born 1789
Herat, Durrani Empire
Issue Shahzada Bismillah Durrani
House Sadozai dynasty
Father Mahmud Shah Durrani
Religion Sunni Islam

Shahzada Kamran Durrani (Persian شہزادہ کامران درانی) was born in the Sadozai dynasty. He was the son of Mahmud Shah Durrani, son of Timur Shah Durrani[1] the son of Ahmad Shah Durrani,[2] the founder of the Durrani Empire.

Battle with Barakzai tribe

In the 18th century during the internal war when Amir Fateh Khan, brother of Amir Dost Muhammad Khan Barakzai, was brutally killed by the Shahzada Kamran Durrani and his allies. Although the elder brother of Dost Mohammad Khan Fatteh Khan, took an important part in raising Mahmud Shah Durrani to the sovereignty of Afghanistan in 1800 and in restoring him to the throne in 1809. Unfortunately Shahzada Kamran Durrani was always in trouble with Amir Fateh Khan Barakzai thus Mahmud Shah and his son accompanied by allies repaid Fateh Khan's services by having him brutally assassinated in 1818. After the assassination of Fateh Khan Barakzai the fall of the Durrani Empires begun. Thus after a bloody conflict, Mahmud Shah was deprived of all his possessions but Herat, the rest of his dominions being divided among Fatteh Khan's brothers. King Mahmud Shah Durrani died in 1829. The country was then ruled by Shuja Shah Durrani; another of his half-brothers. Some time later after the bloodshed with barakzai tribe the Kingdom of Sadozai tribe ended in Afghanistan and Amir Dost Mohammad Khan[3] became the first king of the Barakzai Ahmadzai Durrani tribe in Afghanistan and then some Sadozai royal families by changing their names and cast thriftily migrated from Afghanistan to British Quetta. and some families refugeed in NWFP Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, present day Pakistan.

Return of Royal Sadduzai's refugees to Afghanistan

Sardar Nidda Khan Durrani (Aalijah) and his father Shahzada Rasheed Khan Durrani were returned to Afghanistan on the request of Amir Mohammad Ayub Khan Mohammadzai as part of Amir policy to unify the tribes through chiefs as well as to bring peace, stability and rebuild Afghanistan.

Arrival of Royal Sadduzai's refugees to British Balochistan

After the bloodshed with barakzai tribe the Kingdom of Sadozai tribe ended for a while in Afghanistan some Sadduzai royal families by changing their names and cast thriftily migrated from Afghanistan to British NWFP Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and some of The Sadozai royal families migrated from Afghanistan to British Baluchistan among them were son of Shahzada Kamran Durrani, Shahzada Sardar Bismillah Khan Durrani with his son Sardar Rasheed Khan Durrani and grandson Sardar Nidda Durrani (Aalijah) with family and personal guards they stayed thriftily in a small fort of an elder of Kakar tribe in Kuchlak near British Quetta, and soon they moved to Killi Gogi Ahmandoon near Ziarat for living Sardar Nidda Durrani (Aalijah) get marriage in a family of a notable person of Kakar tribe for peacefully living. his grandfather was buried in Killi Ahmandoon. Shuja Shah Durrani become again in power and he restored again his empire on 7 August 1839 to 5 April 1842 but as part of Emirate of Afghanistan in December 1879 on the request invitation of Amir Mohammad Ayub Khan Mohammadzai Sardar Rasheed Khan Durrani and his son Sardar Nidda Durrani (Aalijah) went to Afghanistan as part of Amir policy to unify the tribes through chiefs for Sovereignty as well as to bring peace, stability and rebuild Afghanistan. In July 1880 during the Battle of Maiwand Shahzad Rasheed Khan Durrani was Martyred and buried in Afghanistan and his son Shahzada Aalijah Nidda Durrani after staying in Afghanistan came back to British India to live with his family, in 1907 Shahzada Aalijah Nidda Durrani and his son Mohammad Abdul Rahim Durrani along-with family and Grand sons Abdul Majeed Khan Durrani and Abdul Habib Durrani moved from Killi Ahmandoon Ziarat to (small Village) Killi Katheer near kuchlak, Shahzada Aalijah Nidda Durrani died in Killi Katheer and buried in Killi Katheer graveyard, soon-after his all family came to British Quetta for permanent settlement, Abdul Majeed Khan Durrani second son of Sardar Mohammad Abdul Raheem Khan Durrani went to Kalkata, India for business. After the death of Sardar Mohammad Abdul Rahim Khan Durrani his 1st son Sardar Abdul Habib Khan Durrani took control of his business. He was father of Shahzada Rehmatullah Khan Saddozai Durrani who is father of Sardar Ahmad Khan (Sadozai) Durrani Chairman Sadozai Qaumi Welfare Organization settled in Copenhagen Denmark now living in Quetta, Noor Ullah Khan Durrani (Runner-up Mr.Pakistan in body building sports 1967) settled in Harran Norway, Habibullah Khan Sadozai United Kingdom Hayatullah Khan Durrani Customs officer in FBR MCC Quetta [4][5] Nasrullah Khan Durrani (retired Health officer in Quetta) Niamatullah Khan Durrani (Customs officer MCC Gwader) else more Sardarzada Abdul Rasheed Khan Durrani was son of Sardar Abdul Majeed Khan Durrani.

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