Shō Tei

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Shō Tei
King Sho Tei.jpg
King of Ryukyu
Reign 1669–1709
Predecessor Shō Shitsu
Successor Shō Eki
Born 1645
Died 1709
Burial Tamaudun, Shuri, Okinawa
Spouse Okuma Aji-ganashi, Gesshin
Makabe Aji-ganashi, Jion
Concubine Taketomi Agomo-shirare, Sengaku
Issue Shō Jun, Crown Prince Nakagusuku
Shō Kei, Prince Tomigusuku Chōryō
Shō Kō, Prince Oroku Chōki
Shō Ki, Prince Misato Chōtei
Princess Matsudo
Princess Umimazurugane
Princess Uchima
Princess Shikina
Princess Amuro
House House of Second Shō
Father Shō Shitsu
Mother Misato Aji-ganashi

Shō Tei (尚貞, 1645–1709) was the 11th King of the Second Shō Dynasty of the Ryukyu Kingdom, who held the throne from 1669 until his death in 1709.[1] He was the ruler of Ryukyu at the time of the compiling of the Chūzan Seifu (中山世譜) (a document documenting Ryukyuan history).

Shō Tei received a Confucian education, and was the first Ryukyuan monarch to do so.[2]

Shō Tei was the monarch at the time when the Japanese bakufu began taking notice of trade of Chinese goods passing through the islands, during the period of sakoku (when no contact between Japan and the outside world was foreign policy). The bakufu, instead of punishing the Ryukyuan government, ordered detailed reports on the trade in 1685. The following year, trade was restricted to 2,000 ryō worth per term, and was only able to be sold in markets that did not compete with the Dutch enclave in Nagasaki.[2] The result of such trade made the Ryukyuan economy boom.[2]

Shō Tei is the final Ryukyuan monarch to be given a god's name in official histories, due to the changing image of the position (less a deity, more a Confucian sage).[2]

He was buried at the royal mausoleum Tamaudun in Shuri.


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Shō Tei
House of Second Shō
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Shō Shitsu
King of Ryukyu
Succeeded by
Shō Eki
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