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Gyeongbu Railway 300 series
Chosen Government Railway Tehoi class (テホイ)
Korean National Railroad Teou1 class (터우1)
Korean State Railway Tŏuha class (더우하)
Sentetsu Tehoi.png
Gyeongbu Ry locomotive 303 after assembly
at the railway's Busan shops in 1906.
Type and origin
Power type Steam
Builder Baldwin
Build date 1906
Total produced 6
 • Whyte 4-6-0
Gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Driver dia. 1,680 mm (66 in)
Length 18,808 mm (61 ft 8.5 in)
Width 2,972 mm (9 ft 9.0 in)
Height 4,232 mm (13 ft 10.6 in)
Loco weight 78.10 t (76.87 long tons)
Tender weight 41.52 t (40.86 long tons)
Fuel capacity 4.50 t (4.43 long tons)
Water cap 15,100 L (4,000 US gal)
 • Firegrate area
4.36 m2 (46.9 sq ft)
 • Small tubes 233 x 57 mm (2.2 in)
 • Large tubes 24 x 137 mm (5.4 in)
Boiler pressure 14.0 kgf/cm2 (199 psi)
Heating surface 146.30 m2 (1,574.8 sq ft)
 • Tubes 130.90 m2 (1,409.0 sq ft)
 • Firebox 11.20 m2 (120.6 sq ft)
 • Heating area 39.60 m2 (426.3 sq ft)
Cylinders 2
Cylinder size 380 mm × 660 mm (15 in × 26 in)
Valve gear Stephenson
Performance figures
Maximum speed 95 km/h (59 mph)
Tractive effort 119.0 kN (26,800 lbf)
Operators Gyeongbu Railway
Chosen Government Railway
Korean National Railroad
Korean State Railway
Class GR: 300 srs
Sentetsu: テホイ
KNR: 터우1
KSR: 더우하
Number in class 6
Numbers GR: 301–306
Sentetsu: テホイ1–テホイ6
Delivered 1906
Data is for 1929 rebuilds.

The Tehoi-class (テホイ) locomotives were a class of steam tender locomotives of the Chosen Government Railway (Sentetsu) with 4-6-0 wheel arrangement.[1] The "Teho" name came from the American naming system for steam locomotives, under which locomotives with 4-6-0 wheel arrangement were called "Ten Wheeler".[2]

After the Liberation of Korea, of the 178 surviving locomotives of all Teho classes - including six previously owned by private railway companies - 106 went to the Korean National Railroad in the South, and 72 to the Korean State Railway in the North.[3]


The テホイ (Tehoi) class was a class of six 4-6-0 Vauclain compound locomotives for mainline use built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works of the United States in 1906, originally for the Gyeongbu Railway, and later operated by the Chosen Government Railway.[1] Like all Teho-type locomotives operated by Sentetsu, they had driving wheels of 1,680 mm (66 in) and a top speed of 95 km/h (59 mph).[1]

Gyeongbu Railway 300 series

Needing more locomotives for medium-duty passenger operations on both trunk and branch lines, the Gyeongbu Railway once again turned to Baldwin of the United States, ordering a total of twelve 4-6-0 tender locomotives in 1906. Six of these were two-cylinder Vauclain compounds and the other six were single-cylinder locomotives, which were delivered in knockdown form and assembled at the railway's shops in Busan.[1] Numbered 301–306, they were not long in operation with the Gyeongbu Railway, as the company was nationalised in July 1906 and folded into the newly formed National Railway, which became Sentetsu in 1910, in September of that year.[4]

Chosen Government Railway テホイ (Tehoi) class

After being taken over by Sentetsu, they were put to use on mainline passenger trains, but as more powerful types were introduced, they were gradually relegated to branchline duties and freight trains. In 1918 they were renumbered 601–606, and in 1929 they were rebuilt with superheaters.[1] In Sentetsu's general renumbering of 1938, they were designated テホイ (Tehoi) class and numbered テホイ1 through テホイ6.[3]


The exact dispersal of the six Tehoi-class locomotives after the partition of Korea in 1945 and the division of Sentetsu assets in 1947 is uncertain, but at least one went to the South, where the Korean National Railroad designated them 터우1 (Teou1) class.[1] Those that went to the North were designated 더우하 (Tŏuha) class by the Korean State Railway.


Sentetsu running number Postwar
Original number 1918–1938 1938–1945 Owner Number Builder Year Notes
301 テホ601 テホイ1 ? ? Baldwin 1906
302 テホ602 テホイ2 ? ? Baldwin 1906
303 テホ603 テホイ3 KNR 터우1-3 Baldwin 1906
304 テホ604 テホイ4 ? ? Baldwin 1906
305 テホ605 テホイ5 ? ? Baldwin 1906
306 テホ606 テホイ6 ? ? Baldwin 1906
Total 6


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