Sengoku Strays

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Sengoku Strays
(Sengoku Sutoreizu)
Genre Fantasy, Historical, War, Comedy.
Written by Shingo Nanami
Published by Square Enix
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Monthly Gangan Wing
Monthly Gangan Joker
Original run 20082014
Volumes 10
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Sengoku Strays (戦國ストレイズ, Sengoku Sutoreizu) is a Japanese shōnen manga series by written and illustrated by Shingo Nanami. The manga is being serialized in the Monthly Gangan Wing magazine, and published in Japan by Square Enix.


Kasane Kusanagi (草薙かさね, Kusanagi Kasane)
The main character of the story. She is a first year high school girl who was trained by her grandfather in the art of Kendo. Despite being the youngest member in her club, she quickly became their "general" due to her skills. She cares very much for her twin brothers, Masamune and Kotetsu. Since their parents are dead, she wants them to grow up to become strong.
During the first chapter, while she attempted to save her younger brother's life, a strange sword sends her back to the Sengoku period. While she initially believes it is a dream, she soon realizes that everything is real. Her sword fighting skills catch the eye of Oda Kazusanosuke Nobunaga, who decides to take her into his mansion to perform chores and a secret in which she has to keep away from others.
Kasane believes it would be best to continue working for Oda until she can finally figure out a way to return to her time. Throughout the story, returning to her brothers has remained her primary objective. She has told a number of people that she comes from the future, however, most people have either shown disbelief, shock, and/or suspicion. The only people to believe her claim have been Oda and Toukichirou.

Oda Nobunaga

Otherwise known as "My Lord", "Lord", or "Kazusanosuke", Nobunaga is the lord of the Nagoya Castle. A young ruler whose goal is to unify the Owari province. He is feared for his arrogant personality and undaunted resolve, but he also views those vassals he trusts as family. He also has is "Three Fools".(excluding Kasana Kusanagi)The Three fools are very loyal to him because when their families were in complete danger, he helped them. He is a strong commander yet to be defeated by any.

Oda Nobuyuki

The younger brother of Oda Nobunaga. He has always admired his brother.


Also known as the official wife of Oda Nobunaga, and the daughter of Saito Dosan. Their marriage is purely political, to improve the relationships between the Mino and Nobunaga's province. She has a weak heart, and collapses when she exerts too much strength.

Saito Dosan

The ruler of the Mino province, and the father of Nouhime. He also has a son, Saito Yoshitatsu. He is killed by his son.

"The Three Fools"

Niwa Gorouzaemon Nagahide

Also known as "Gorouza", has been Nobunaga's vassal since a young age. He uses polite words and is really smart. He wields a huge sword and he is often mistaken for a girl because of his looks and long hair.

Sasa Kuranosuke Norimasa

Known for his tough facade but has a soft heart on the inside, Kura uses two guns a weapons that he also fixed so he can swing them around in his hand. Knowledgeable on guns. Also known for getting into fights with Kasane.

Maeda Matazaemon Toshiie

Known as Inuchiyo and is also known for his chilidish character and dog like actions. He has a bottomless pit for a stomach and eats like a horse. He is also a spear expert.


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