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The Select Group is a panel of professional football referees and assistant referees, appointed by Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL).

The panel was established in 2001, when referees in England became professional.[1]

Select Group Match Officials

The 2018-2019 Select Group match officials lists, consists of 17 referees and 28 assistant referees.


Attwell, Oliver, Pawson, Taylor, and Tierney, are also FIFA International Referees.[2]

Oliver and Taylor are UEFA Elite referees, Pawson is a UEFA First Group referee, and Attwell and Tierney are UEFA Second Group referees.[3]

Atkinson, Dean, Marriner, and Probert, were all previously FIFA International Referees. Atkinson reached the UEFA Elite Group, Dean and Marriner reached the UEFA First Group, and Probert reached the UEFA First Group—before finishing in the UEFA Second Group.

Assistant Referees

  • Simon Beck
  • Simon Bennett
  • Gary Beswick
  • Lee Betts
  • Stuart Burt
  • Darren Cann
  • Stephen Child
  • Dan Cook
  • Neil Davies
  • Derek Eaton
  • Andy Garratt
  • Andy Halliday
  • Constantine Hatzidakis
  • Adrian Holmes
  • Ian Hussin
  • Peter Kirkup
  • Scott Ledger
  • Harry Lennard
  • Simon Long
  • Sian Massey-Ellis
  • Mick McDonough
  • Adam Nunn
  • Marc Perry
  • Dan Robathan
  • Mark Scholes
  • Eddie Smart
  • Richard West
  • Matthew Wilkes

Bennett, Beswick, Betts, Burt, Child, Hatzidakis, Hussin, Lennard, Massey-Ellis, Nunn, and Smart, are also FIFA International Assistant Referees.[4]

Beck, Cann, and Kirkup, were all previously FIFA International Assistant Referees.

Notable International Appointments

Current and former Select Group match officials have overseen some of the most prestigious matches available, these include:

Refereed by Howard Webb, and assisted by Darren Cann and Mike Mullarkey.

Overseen by Webb, Cann, and Mullarkey.

Refereed by Mark Clattenburg, and assisted by Simon Beck and Stephen Child.

Refereed by Mark Clattenburg, and assisted by Simon Beck and Jake Collin.

Overseen by Clattenburg, Beck, and Collin.

Select Group 2 Match Officials

In December 2015, the PGMOL announced that a new Select Group 2 would be created. This would start from the 2016-2017 season, and the officials would primarily oversee Championship matches.[5]

In July 2018, the list of Select Group 2 match officials was updated ahead of the 2018-2019 season.[6]

The 2018-2019 Select Group 2 match officials lists, consists of 20 referees and 36 assistant referees.


  • James Adcock
  • Peter Bankes
  • Darren Bond
  • John Brooks
  • Andrew Davies
  • Scott Duncan
  • Geoff Eltringham
  • Darren England
  • Tony Harrington
  • Robert Jones
  • Oliver Langford
  • James Linington
  • Andy Madley
  • Stephen Martin
  • Tim Robinson
  • Jeremy Simpson
  • Keith Stroud
  • Gavin Ward
  • David Webb
  • Andy Woolmer

Assistant Referees

  • Darren Blunden
  • Ian Cooper
  • Adam Crysell
  • Philip Dermott
  • Mark Dwyer
  • John Flynn
  • Matt Foley
  • Andrew Fox
  • Michael George
  • Nick Greenhalgh
  • Paul Hodskinson
  • Nick Hopton
  • Akil Howson
  • Shaun Hudson
  • Jonathan Hunt
  • Robert Hyde
  • Mark Jones
  • Graham Kane
  • Daniel Leach
  • Sam Lewis
  • Nigel Lugg
  • James Mainwaring
  • Adam Matthews
  • Matthew McGrath
  • Robert Merchant
  • Steven Meredith
  • Tony Peart
  • Mark Pottage
  • Geoffrey Russell
  • Mark Russell
  • Billy Smallwood
  • Dean Treleaven
  • Lee Venamore
  • Adrian Waters
  • James Wilson
  • Timothy Wood

Former Select Group Referees

Name Year
FIFA list Notes
Peter Jones 2001—2002 1996—2002 Retired
David Elleray 2001—2003 1992—1999 Retired
Graham Barber 2001—2004 1998—2004 Retired
Paul Durkin 2001—2004 Retired
Jeff Winter 2001—2004 Retired
Neale Barry 2001—2005 Retired to oversee refereeing development
Andy D'Urso 2001—2005 2001—2005 Demoted to National List
Steve Dunn 2001—2006 1997—2002 Retired due to injury
Matt Messias 2001—2006 2003—2006 Demoted and resigned
Dermot Gallagher 2001—2007 1994—2002 Retired
Graham Poll 2001—2007 1996—2007 Retired
Barry Knight 2001—2008 Retired due to injury
Uriah Rennie 2001—2009 2000—2005 Retired due to injury
Mike Riley 2001—2009 1999—2009 Retired to become head of PGMOL
Keith Stroud 2007—2009 Demoted to National List
Rob Styles 2001—2009 2002—2009 Retired
Steve Tanner 2007—2009 2008—2009 Demoted to National List
Steve Bennett 2001—2010 Retired
Alan Wiley 2001—2010 Retired
Peter Walton 2003—2012 Retired to become General Manager of PRO
Mark Halsey 2001—2013 2000—2006 Retired
Howard Webb 2003—2014 2005—2014 Retired to become Technical Director of PGMOL (2014—2015)
PRO Manager of VAR Operations (2017—2018)
PRO General Manager (2018—)
Chris Foy 2001—2015 Retired to become senior referees' coach for PGMOL
Phil Dowd 2001—2016 Retired due to injury
Mark Clattenburg 2004—2017 2006—2017 Retired to become Head of Refereeing at Saudi Arabian Football Federation
Mike Jones 2008—2018 Retired to work for PGMOL developing VAR
Bobby Madley 2013—2018 2016—2018 Change in personal circumstances
Neil Swarbrick 2011—2018 Retired to work for PGMOL developing VAR

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