Diocese of Winchester

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Diocese of Winchester
Diocese of Winchester arms.svg
Ecclesiastical province Canterbury
Archdeaconries Bournemouth, Winchester
Parishes 306
Churches 410
Cathedral Winchester Cathedral
Current leadership
Bishop Tim Dakin, Bishop of Winchester
Suffragans Jonathan Frost, Bishop of Southampton
David Williams, Bishop of Basingstoke[1]
Archdeacons Peter Rouch, Archdeacon of Bournemouth
Paul Moore, Archdeacon for Mission Development
Richard Brand, Archdeacon of Winchester

The Diocese of Winchester forms part of the Province of Canterbury of the Church of England. Founded in 676, it is one of the oldest and largest of the dioceses in England.


The area of the diocese incorporates the majority of the county of Hampshire, including the city of Southampton, with the following exceptions:

Outside Hampshire, the diocese includes an area of eastern Dorset.

The diocese historically covered a much larger area, including the greater part of south-eastern England. In the most recent major boundary changes in 1927, the Archdeaconry of Surrey was removed to form the new Diocese of Guildford, and south-eastern Hampshire and the Isle of Wight were removed to form the Diocese of Portsmouth.

The Bishop of Winchester is ex officio a Lord Spiritual of the Westminster Parliament, one of only five prelates of the Church of England with such automatic entitlement. The bishop is also Prelate of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, that office having been held by every Bishop of Winchester since the Order was created.


The Bishop of Winchester (Tim Dakin) heads the diocese and is assisted by two suffragan bishops, the Bishops of Southampton (Jonathan Frost) and of Bakingstoke (David Williams), who are informally responsible for the north and south of the diocese respectively (roughly corresponding to the archdeaconries of Winchester and Bournemouth).[2] From 1895 until the suffragan See of Basingstoke was created in 1973, the Bishop of Southampton was the suffragan bishop for the whole diocese.

Other bishops living in the diocese are licensed as honorary assistant bishops:

Alternative episcopal oversight for parishes in the diocese which do not accept the sacramental ministry of women priests is provided by the provincial episcopal visitor, Norman Banks, suffragan Bishop of Richborough, who is licensed as an honorary assistant bishop for ministry in the diocese.


The Diocese of Winchester is one of the oldest and most important in England. Originally it was the see of the kingdom of Wessex (as such it is sometimes called the "Diocese of Wessex"), with the cathedra at Dorchester Cathedral under Saints Birinus (a Roman missionary and the Abbey's founder) and Agilbert. This Wessex diocese covered most of Hampshire, Berkshire, parts of Oxfordshire and Wiltshire. It was transferred to Winchester in AD 660: the episcopal cathedral see was, at some point, at Old Minster, Winchester. Around 704, the diocese was split into the diocese of Winchester and the diocese of Sherborne.[7] During the Middle Ages, it was one of the wealthiest English sees and its bishops included a number of politically prominent Englishmen, notably the 9th century Saint Swithun and medieval magnates including William of Wykeham and Henry of Blois.

Winchester was divided in AD 909, with Wiltshire and Berkshire transferring to the new See of Ramsbury. Nevertheless, the domains of the Bishop of Winchester ran from the South Coast to the south bank of the River Thames at Southwark, where the Bishop had one of his palaces, making it one of the largest as well as one of the richest sees in the land. In more modern times,[when?] the former extent of the diocese of Winchester was reduced by the formation of a new diocese of Southwark in south London, a new diocese of Guildford in Surrey and a new diocese of Portsmouth in Hampshire.

The Channel Islands were transferred from the Diocese of Coutances in Normandy, France, in 1500 by Papal Bull. The transfer was later confirmed by a letter from Elizabeth I and an Order in Council dated 11 March 1569 which "perpetually united" the Islands with the Diocese of Winchester and constituted the Bishop of Winchester Ordinary of them.[8] The Islands operated their own Canon Law under the Bishop of Winchester. The Channel Islands were removed from the oversight of the Bishop of Winchester in 2014 after a dispute with Tim Dakin led to a breakdown in relations, with the Channel Islands now being overseen by the Bishop of Dover, Trevor Willmott.[9] However, this measure is expressly an interim one and there is no certainty of its becoming permanent. There has effectively been a scheme of episcopal delegation, the Bishop of Winchester having delegated his episcopal authority in the Channel Islands to the Archbishop of Canterbury who, in turn, has appointed the Bishop of Dover to exercise episcopal pastoral powers in the Channel Islands. The Bishop of Dover was formerly the Bishop of Basingstoke and, in that capacity, already familiar with the church in the Channel Islands. The Channel Islands remain part of the Diocese of Winchester and have not transferred to or been incorporated in another Diocese.[10]

During the 19th century, the bishop[who?] licensed[clarification needed] many prostitutes who were known as the "Winchester Geese"[11] and maintained a cemetery for them.[12]

Archdeaconies and deaneries

Diocese Archdeaconries Rural Deaneries Paid clergy Churches Population People/clergy People/church Churches/clergy
Diocese of Winchester Archdeaconry of Winchester Deanery of Alresford 6 27 14,503 2,417 537 4.5
Deanery of Alton 7 22 32,066 4,581 1,458 3.14
Deanery of Andover 9 34 63,636 7,071 1,872 3.78
Deanery of Basingstoke 15 26 130,393 8,693 5,015 1.73
Deanery of Odiham 11 28 54,655 4,969 1,952 2.55
Deanery of Whitchurch 5 24 25,450 5,090 1,060 4.8
Deanery of Winchester 17* 34* 67,611 3,977 1,989 2
Archdeaconry of Bournemouth Deanery of Bournemouth 17 26 149,595 8,800 5,754 1.53
Deanery of Christchurch 10 28 111,649 11,165 3,981 2.8
Deanery of Eastleigh
Deanery of Lyndhurst
Deanery of Romsey
Deanery of Southampton
None? Deanery of Jersey 19 25 97,857 5,150 3,914 1.32
Deanery of Guernsey 10 18 65,849 6,585 3,658 1.8

*including Cathedral

Additionally, it was announced on 6 April 2014 that Paul Moore had been appointed to the new role of "Archdeacon for Mission Development"; Moore has no geographical archdeaconry but instead leads the diocese in developing its mission.[13]

Mainland deaneries of the Diocese of Winchester


Not in a deanery

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Cathedra [1]
  • Dean: Catherine Ogle
  • Canon: Sue Wallace
  • Canon: Ronald Riem
  • Canon: Mark Collinson

Deanery of Alresford

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Arle Valley Benefice
  • St John the Baptist, New Alresford
  • All Saints, Bighton
  • St Mary, Old Alresford
  • St Peter, Ovington
  • Priest-in-Charge: Julia Myles
Bishop's Sutton (St Nicholas) & Ropley & West Tisted
  • St Nicholas, Bishop's Sutton
  • St Peter, Ropley
  • St Mary Magdalene, West Tisted
  • Priest-in-Charge: Clare Welham
Farleigh, Candovers and Wield
  • All Saints, Bradley
  • St Peter, Brown Candover
  • St Leonard, Cliddesden
  • All Saints, Dummer
  • St Martin, Ellisfield
  • St Andrew, Farleigh Wallop
  • St John the Evangelist, Northington
  • St Mary the Virgin, Preston Candover
  • St James, Wield
  • Rector: David Chattell
  • Curate: Stephen Mourant
Itchen Valley
  • St Mary, Avington
  • St Mary, Easton
  • St John the Baptist, Itchen Abbas
  • St Swithun, Martyr Worthy
  • Rector: Vacant
  • NSM: Alex Pease
Upper Itchen
  • St James, Beauworth
  • SS Simon & Jude, Bramdean
  • Church in the Wood, Bramdean Common
  • St Michael & All Angels, Cheriton
  • All Saints, Hinton Ampner
  • St Andrew, Kilmeston
  • St Andrew, Tichborne
  • Rector: Graham Bowkett
  • Curate: Janice Brookshaw
  • NSM: Caroline Strudwick

Deanery of Alton

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Alton Resurrection (All Saints) (St Lawrence)
  • All Saints, Alton
  • St Lawrence, Alton
  • St Peter, Beech
  • Holy Rood, Holybourne
  • Vicar: Andrew Micklefield
  • Curate: David Hinks
  • Curate: Chris Bradish
  • NSM: Lynn Power
  • NSM: Joy Windsor
  • NSM: Rachel Sturt
Bentley (St Mary), Binsted and Froyle
  • St Mary, Bentley
  • Holy Cross, Binsted
  • Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Froyle
  • Rector: Yann Dubreuil
  • NSM: Christopher Thomson
Bentworth (St Mary), Lasham, Medstead & Shalden
  • Priest-in-Charge: Edward Pruen
  • St Andrew, Medstead
Four Marks (Good Shepherd)
  • Good Shepherd, Four Marks
  • Vicar: Howard Wright
Northanger Benefice
  • St Nicholas, Chawton
  • St James, East Tisted
  • St Mary the Virgin, East Worldham
  • All Saints, Farringdon
  • St Leonard, Hartley Mauditt
  • St Nicholas, West Worldham
  • All Saints, Kingsley
  • St Mary Magdalene, Oakhanger
  • St Mary, Newton Valence
  • St Mary, Selborne
  • Rector: Tony Pears
  • NSM: Lesley Leon

Deanery of Andover

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Abbotts Ann (St Mary) & Upper Clatford & Goodworth Clatford
  • St Mary, Abbotts Ann
  • St Peter, Goodworth Clatford
  • Priest-in-Charge: Katrina Dykes
  • NSM: Nicola Judd
  • All Saints, Upper Clatford
Andover (St Mary)
  • St Mary, Andover
  • Vicar: John Harkin
Appleshaw (St Peter) Kimpton, Thruxton etc
  • St Peter, Appleshaw
  • St Nicholas, Fyfield
  • SS Peter & Paul, Kimpton
  • St Peter, Shipton Bellinger
  • SS Peter & Paul, Thruxton
  • Priest-in-Charge: Sandra Williams
Downs Benefice
  • St Mary the Less, Chilbolton
  • St Mary, Crawley
  • St Catherine of Alexandria, Littleton
  • St Stephen, Sparsholt
  • St Peter & Holy Cross, Wherwell
  • Rector: Jacqueline Machin
Knight's Enham
  • St Michael & All Angels, Knight's Enham
  • St Paul, Knight's Enham
  • Priest-in-Charge: Lee Davies
Hurstbourne Tarrant (St Peter) and Faccombe etc
  • St Peter, Hurstbourne Tarrant
  • St Barnabas, Faccombe
  • St Peter, Linkenholt
  • St Mary the Virgin, Vernham Dean
  • Priest-in-Charge: Vacant
  • Curate: Trevor Lewis
  • St Thomas, Charlton
  • Christ Church, Hatherden
  • St Thomas of Canterbury, Tangley
  • Holy Trinity, Penton Mewsey
  • St George, Enham Alamein
  • Christ Church, Smannell
  • St Michael & All Angels, Weyhill
  • Priest-in-Charge: Alex Randle-Bissell
  • NSM: Val Gagen
Portway and Danebury Benefice
  • St Peter, Over Wallop
  • Team Rector: Peter Gilks
  • Team Vicar: Vanessa Cole
  • Hon. Curate: Matthew Grayshon
  • St Michael & All Angels, West Andover
  • St Mary, Amport
  • St Leonard, Grateley
  • St Mary, Monxton
  • St Andrew, Nether Wallop
  • St Michael & All Angels, Quarley

Deanery of Basingstoke

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Basing, Old (St Mary) and Lychpit
  • St Mary, Old Basing
  • Vicar: Alec Battey
  • Curate: Sarah Lloyd
  • NSM: Rachel Hartland
Basingstoke (All Saints) (St Michael) [19]
  • Team Rector: Jo Stoker
  • Team Vicar: Rosalind Rutherford
  • Team Vicar: Alison Bennett
  • NSM: Pat Palmer
Baughurst (St Stephen) and Ramsdell and Wolverton etc
  • St Stephen, Baughurst
  • All Saints, Hannington
  • Christ Church, Ramsdell
  • St Catherine, Wolverton
  • Rector: David Barlow
Chineham (Christ Church)
  • Christ Church, Chineham
  • Vicar: Vacant
  • NSM: Gordon Randall
Eastrop (St Mary)
  • St Mary, Basingstoke
  • Rector: Clive Hawkins
  • Curate: Rob Phillips
  • NSM: Caroline West
Hatch Warren and Beggarwood (Immanuel)
  • Immanuel, Hatch Warren & Beggarwood
  • Vicar: Michael Smith
Kempshott (St Mark)
  • St Mark, Kempshott
  • Vicar: Vacant
Oakley (St Leonard) with Wootton St Lawrence
  • St Leonard, Oakley
  • St Lawrence, Wootton
  • Rector: Jeremy Vaughan
  • NSM: Carole Vaughan
Popley with Limes Park and Rooksdown (St Gabriel)
  • St Gabriel, Popley
  • Vicar: Arthur Botham
The Sherbornes (St Andrew) (Vyne Chapel) with Pamber
  • St Andrew, Sherborne St John
  • All Saints, Monk Sherborne
  • SS Mary & John the Baptist, Pamber
  • Rector: John Hamilton
Tadley with Pamber Heath and Silchester
  • St Mary, Silchester
  • Rector: Richard Harlow
  • Curate: Rob Young
  • St Mary, North Tadley
  • St Paul, Tadley
  • St Peter, Tadley
  • St Luke, Pamber Heath
Winklebury (Good Shepherd) and Worting
  • Good Shepherd, Winklebury
  • St Thomas of Canterbury, Worting
  • Rector: John Wigmore

Deanery of Odiham

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Darby Green (St Barnabas) and Eversley
  • St Barnabas the Encourager, Darby Green
  • Priest-in-Charge: Lerys Campbell
  • St Mary, Eversley
  • Bramshill Mission Church
Hartley Wintney (St John the Evangelist), Elvetham etc
  • St John the Evangelist, Hartley Wintney
  • Priest-in-Charge: Angela Smith
  • Curate: Ben Chase
  • Curate: Janette Smith
  • All Saints, Dogmersfield
  • St Mary the Virgin, Winchfield
North Hampshire Downs Benefice
  • St Mary, Herriard
  • All Saints, Long Sutton
  • St Mary, Greywell
  • St Mary, Mapledurwell
  • St Swithun, Nately Scures
  • St Nicholas, Newnham
  • St Stephen, Up Nately
  • All Saints, Odiham [37]
  • St Andrew, South Warnborough
  • All Saints, Tunworth
  • St Mary, Upton Grey [38]
  • St Lawrence, Weston Patrick
  • Rector: Simon Butler
  • Curate: Alison Brown
  • NSM: Linda Scard
  • NSM: Mary-Beth Hawrish
Sherfield-On-Loddon (St Leonard) & Stratfield Saye etc
  • St James, Bramley
  • St Stephen, Little London
  • Priest-in-Charge: Stephen Ball
  • NSM: John Lenton
  • St Leonard, Sherfield-on-Loddon
  • St Mary, Stratfield Saye
  • St Mary, Hartley Wespall
Whitewater Benefice
  • St Michael, Heckfield
  • Mattingley Church
  • Rotherwick Church
  • St John the Evangelist, Hook
  • Priest-in-Charge: Marion de Quidt
  • Curate: Mark Lewis
Yateley (St Peter)
  • St Peter, Yateley
  • Rector: Andrew Edmunds
  • Curate: Mike Griffiths

Deanery of Whitchurch

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Burghclere (Ascension) (All Saints) with Newtown etc
  • Ascension, Burghclere
  • Rector: David Bartholomew
  • SS Mary & John the Baptist, Newtown
  • St Lawrence, Ecchinswell
Hurstbourne Priors (St Andrew), Longparish etc
  • St Peter, St Mary Bourne
  • Vicar: Craig Marshall
  • NSM: Diana Marsden
  • NSM: Richard Sutcliffe
  • St Andrew, Hurstbourne Priors
  • St Nicholas, Longparish
  • St James, Woodcott
Kingsclere (St Mary) and Ashford Hill with Headley
  • St Mary, Kingsclere
  • St Paul, Ashford Hill
  • St Peter, Headley
  • Vicar: Ben Read
North West Hampshire Benefice
  • St James, Ashmansworth
  • St Michael & All Angels, Crux Easton
  • St Martin, East Woodhay
  • St Michael & All Angels, Highclere
  • St Thomas, Woolton Hill
  • Rector: Christine Dale
Overton (St Mary) with Laverstoke and Freefolk [48]
  • Priest-in-Charge: Ian Smale
  • NSM (N Waltham): Julia Foster
  • St Mary, Overton
Waltham, North (St Michael) and Steventon, Ashe and Deane
  • Holy Trinity & St Andrew, Ashe
  • All Saints, Deane
  • St Michael, North Waltham
  • St Nicholas, Steventon
Whitchurch (All Hallows) with Tufton and Litchfield
  • All Hallows, Whitchurch
  • St James the Less, Litchfield
  • St Mary, Tufton
  • Vicar: Vacant
  • Hon. Curate: Mark Christian

Deanery of Winchester

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Compton (All Saints), Hursley, and Otterbourne
  • All Saints, Compton
  • All Saints, Hursley
  • St Matthew, Otterbourne
  • Rector: William Prescott
Lower Dever
  • St Margaret, South Wonston
  • Rector: Mark Bailey
  • All Saints, Barton Stacey
  • St Michael & All Angels, Bullington
Upper Dever
  • Holy Trinity, Wonston
  • Priest-in-Charge: Paul Bradish
  • Curate (Worthys): Jeannette Holder
  • Curate (Worthys): Cliff McClelland
  • Curate (Worthys): Sarah McClelland
  • NSM (Worthys): Lis Chase
  • All Saints, East Stratton
  • St Mary the Virgin, Micheldever
  • St James, Hunton
  • SS Mary & Michael, Stoke Charity
  • St James, Woodmancote
Headbourne Worthy (St Swithun)
  • St Swithun, Headbourne Worthy
King's Worthy (St Mary) (St Mary's Chapel)
  • St Mary, King's Worthy
  • St Mary's Chapel, King's Worthy
Stanmore (St Luke)
  • St Luke, Stanmore
  • St Mark, Oliver's Battery
  • Vicar: Michael Gardner
Twyford (St Mary) and Owslebury and Morestead etc
  • Holy Trinity, Colden Common
  • Morestead Parish Church
  • St Andrew, Owlesbury
  • St Mary, Twyford
  • Vicar: Vacant
Winchester (Christ Church) [58]
  • Priest-in-Charge: David Rowe
  • Curate: George Watkinson
  • NSM: Brian Wakelin
Winchester (Holy Trinity) [59]
  • Rector: Vacant
Winchester (St Barnabas)
  • St Barnabas, Winchester
  • Priest-in-Charge: Ed Dines
Winchester (St Bartholomew) (St Lawrence) (St Swithun) [61]
  • Rector: Cliff Bannister
  • NSM: Amanda Goulding
  • NSM: Karen Kousseff
Winchester (St Cross Hospital with St Faith)
  • St Cross, Winchester
  • Priest-in-Charge: Philip Krinks
  • NSM: Hilary Healey
Winchester St Matthew (St Paul's Mission Church)
  • St Matthew, Winchester
  • St Paul, Winchester
  • Rector: Peter Seal
  • NSM: Mary Copping
Winchester, East (All Saints), Including Chilcomb [64]
  • Rector: Vacant
  • NSM: Christine Smith

Deanery of Bournemouth

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Boscombe (St Andrew)
  • St Andrew, Boscombe (1908)
  • NSM: Neil Houlton
Boscombe (St John the Evangelist)
  • St John the Evangelist, Boscombe (1891)
  • Vicar: Roy Khakhria
Bournemouth (Holy Epiphany)
  • Holy Epiphany, Bournemouth
  • Priest-in-Charge: David Thompson
Bournemouth (St Ambrose)
  • St Ambrose, Bournemouth
  • Hon. Priest-in-Charge: Adrian Pearce
Bournemouth (St Andrew) Bennett Road
  • St Andrew, Bournemouth
  • Vicar: Graham Roberts
  • Hon. Curate: James Davies
Bournemouth Town Centre with St Swithun and Holy Trinity
  • St Augustin, Bournemouth
  • St Peter, Bournemouth [69]
  • St Stephen, Bournemouth
  • Team Rector: Ian Terry
  • Curate: Matt Clayton
  • St Swithun, Bournemouth [71]
  • Priest-in-Charge: Tim Matthews
  • Curate: Simon Nicholls
Bournemouth (St Clement) (St Swithun)
  • St Clement, Boscombe 8509
Bournemouth (St Francis)
  • St Francis of Assisi, Bournemouth
  • Priest-in-Charge: Jennifer Nightingale
Bournemouth (St John) (St Michael and All Angels)
  • St John, Bournemouth
  • St Michael & All Angels, Bournemouth
  • Priest-in-Charge: Sarah Yetman
Holdenhurst (St John the Evangelist) and Iford
  • St John the Evangelist, Holdenhurst
  • St Barnabas, Queen's Park
  • Vicar/Priest-in-Charge: Andy McPherson
  • NSM (Holdenhurst, Iford): Janice Seare
  • NSM: Nigel Legrand
  • St Saviour, Iford
Southbourne (St Christopher)
  • St Christopher, Southbourne
Pokesdown (All Saints)
  • All Saints, Southbourne
  • Priest-in-Charge: Mike Powis
  • Curate: May Barker
Pokesdown (St James)
  • St James the Greater, Pokesdown
  • Priest-in-Charge: John Pares
Southbourne (St Katharine) (St Nicholas)
  • St Katharine, Southbourne
  • St Nicholas, Southbourne
  • Priest-in-Charge: Kevin Cable
Throop (St Paul)
  • St Paul, Throop
  • Priest-in-Charge: Jim Findlay
Westbourne (Christ Church) Chapel
  • Christ Church, Westbourne
  • Vicar: Nick Hiscocks
Winton (St Alban), Moordown and Charminster
  • St Alban, Charminster
  • St John the Baptist, Moordown
  • St Luke, Winton
  • Vicar: Vacant
  • Curate: James Sharp
  • NSM: Jonathan Williams

Deanery of Christchurch

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Population served
Bransgore (St Mary the Virgin) and Hinton Admiral
  • St Mary the Virgin, Bransgore
  • All Saints, Thorney Hill
  • St Michael & All Angels, Hinton Admiral
  • Priest-in-Charge: Benjamin Sargent
Burley Ville (St John the Baptist)
  • St John the Baptist, Burley
  • Hon. Priest-in-Charge: Angie Gammon
Burton (St Luke) and Sopley
  • St Luke, Burton
  • St Michael & All Angels, Sopley
  • Priest-in-Charge: Nigel Lacey
Christchurch (Holy Trinity) [87]
  • Priest-in-Charge: Charles Stewart
  • Curate: Richard Partridge
  • NSM: Alexander Smith
  • NSM: Angela Newton
Highcliffe (St Mark)
  • St Mark, Highcliffe
  • Priest-in-Charge: Gillian Nobes
Milton (St Mary Magdalene)
  • St Mary Magdalene, Milton
  • St Peter, Ashley
  • St John the Baptist, Bashley
  • Rector: Andrew Bailey
Mudeford (All Saints)
  • All Saints, Mudeford
  • High Cross Church, Somerford
  • Vicar: Vacant
Avon Valley Partnership
  • St Mary, Breamore
  • St Mary, Fordingbridge
  • St Giles, Godshill
  • Sandleheath Uniting Church [91]
  • St Mary, Hale
  • St Boniface, Woodgreen
  • Rector: Gary Philbrick
  • Curate: Rachel Noel
  • NSM: Nicola Davies
  • Holy Ascension, Hyde
Ringwood & Ellingham & Harbridge & St Leonards & St Ives
  • SS Peter & Paul, Ringwood
  • St Paul, Bisterne
  • St Mary & All Saints, Ellingham
  • All Saints, Harbridge
  • St John, Poulner
  • Vicar: Matthew Trick
  • Curate: Ian Whitham
  • All Saints, St Leonards & St Ives

Deanery of Jersey

Benefice Churches Link Clergy
Jersey (All Saints)
  • All Saints, St Helier
  • Vicar: David Grantham
  • NSM: Judith Davy
Jersey (St Simon)
  • St Simon, St Helier
Jersey (Holy Trinity)
  • Holy Trinity, Trinity
  • Rector: Geoff Houghton
Jersey (St Andrew)
  • St Andrew, St Helier
  • Vicar: Mark Barrett
Jersey (St Brelade) (Communicare Chapel) (St Aubin) [97]
  • Rector: Mark Bond
Jersey (St Clement) [98]
  • Rector: David Shaw
  • NSM: Martin Dryden
  • NSM: Tracy Bromley
Jersey (St Helier) [99]
  • Rector: Michael Keirle
  • Curate: James Taylor
  • NSM: Tony Williams
Jersey (St John)
  • St John, St John
  • Rector: Beverley Sproats
Jersey (St Lawrence)
  • St Lawrence, St Lawrence
  • Rector/Vicar: Phil Warren
Jersey Millbrook (St Matthew) [100]
Jersey (St Luke) St James
  • St Luke, St Helier
  • Vicar: Nicholas Barry
Jersey (St Mark)
  • St Mark, St Helier
  • Vicar: Martyn Shea
  • Curate: Giles Bartleman
Jersey (St Martin)
  • St Martin, St Martin
  • Rector: Geraldine Baudains
Jersey (St Mary)
  • St Mary, St Mary
  • Rector: Vacant
Jersey (St Ouen) (St George)
  • St Ouen, St Ouen
  • St George, St Ouen
  • Rector: Ian Pallent
  • NSM: Helen Gunton
Jersey (St Paul) Proprietary Chapel
  • St Paul, St Helier
  • Minister: Paul Brooks
Jersey (St Peter)
  • St Peter, St Peter
  • Rector: Michael Phillips
Jersey (St Saviour)
  • St Saviour, St Saviour
  • Rector: Peter Dyson
Jersey De Grouville (St Martin) (St Peter La Roque) [107]
  • Rector: Michael Lange-Smith
  • NSM: Robin Dupré
Jersey Gouray (St Martin)
  • St Martin, Gouray
  • Vicar: Jeffrey Wattley

Deanery of Guernsey

Benefice Churches Link Clergy
Alderney (St Anne)
  • St Anne, Alderney
  • Vicar: Vacant
Guernsey (Holy Trinity)
  • Holy Trinity, St Peter Port
  • Vicar: Jon Honour
Guernsey (St André De La Pommeraye)
  • St André De La Pommeraye, St Andrew
  • Rector/Priest-in-Charge: Timothy Barker
  • NSM (St Andre): Juliette Robilliard
Sark (St Peter)
  • St Peter, Sark
Guernsey (St Peter Port) [110]
  • Vicar: Matthew Barrett
  • Mission Priest: Peter Graysmith
Guernsey (St John the Evangelist)
  • St John the Evangelist, St Peter Port
Guernsey (St Marguerite De La Foret)
  • St Marguerite de la Foret, Forest
  • Priest-in-Charge/Rector: Vacant
  • Curate: Claire Claxton
Guernsey (St Martin) [112]
Guernsey (Ste Marie Du Castel)
  • St Marie du Castel, Castel
  • Priest-in-Charge: Karen Dack
Guernsey (St Matthew) Cobo
  • St Matthew, Cobo
Guernsey (St Michel Du Valle) [114]
  • Rector: Vacant
Guernsey (St Philippe De Torteval)
  • St Philip, Torteval
  • Rector: Mark Charmley
  • NSM: Tracy-Belinda Charmley
Guernsey (St Saviour) (Chapel of St Apolline) [115]
Guernsey (St Pierre Du Bois)
  • St Pierre du Bois, St Pierre du Bois
  • Rector: Adrian Datta
Guernsey (St Sampson)
  • St Sampson, St Sampson
  • St Mary, L'Islet (?)
  • Rector: Timothy Dack
Guernsey (St Stephen)
  • St Stephen, St Peter Port
  • Vicar: John Moore

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