See See the Sun

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See See The Sun
Kayak-See See the Sun-Cover.jpg
Studio album by Kayak
Released 1973, 1995 (reissue)
Recorded October 1972, May–June 1973
Genre Progressive rock
Length 52:56 (1995 reissue)
Label Harvest Records (original release)
Pseudonym (1995 reissue)
Producer Gerrit-Jan Leenders and Kayak
Kayak chronology
See See The Sun
Kayak II
(1974)Kayak II1974
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Allmusic 4/5 stars link

See see the sun is the first album by the Dutch progressive rock band Kayak. It was originally released in 1973 and reissued with two bonus tracks (which were originally singles b-sides) in 1995, and again in 2012.

The song 'Mammoth' is one of the very few pop singles to feature a barrel organ (or street organ). The organ, The Flamingo, was too big to get through the studio entrance. Therefore, the melody was recorded outside. Being a manually operated organ, the pace varied all the time, making it very hard to fit the piece into the rest of the song.

Track listing

  1. "Reason for it All" (Scherpenzeel) – 6:29
  2. "Lyrics" (Scherpenzeel) – 3:42
  3. "Mouldy Wood" (Slager/Koopman/Scherpenzeel) – 5:16
  4. "Lovely Luna" (Koopman) – 8:19
  5. "Hope for a Life" (Koopman/Scherpenzeel) – 6:49
  6. "Ballet of the Cripple" (Van Leeuwen/Koopman/Scherpenzeel) – 4:39
  7. "Forever is a Lonely Thought" (Koopman/Scherpenzeel) – 5:26
  8. "Mammoth" (Koopman/Scherpenzeel) – 2:57
  9. "See See the Sun" (Van Leeuwen/Koopman/Scherpenzeel) – 4:13

Bonus tracks (1995 reissue)

  1. "Still Try to Write a Book" (Koopman) – 2:01
  2. "Give it a Name" (Van Leeuwen/Koopman/Scherpenzeel) – 2:44


Guest appearances

  • Giny Bush and Martine Koeman – violins on "Lyrics"
  • Ernst Reijseger – cello on "Lyrics"
  • Gerrit-Jan Leenders – vocals, percussion on "Hope for a Life"
  • Rijn Peter de Klerk – percussion on "Hope for a Life"
  • G. Perlee – barrel organ "Flamingo" Amsterdam on "Mammoth"

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