Sarda sheep

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Pecore agnelli razza-sarda.jpg
Other names Sardinian sheep
Country of origin Italy
  • Male: 59 kg
  • Female: 42 kg
Wool color white
Face color white

The Sarda is a breed of domestic sheep indigenous to the island of Sardinia.[1] It is raised throughout Italy,[2] and in other Mediterranean countries, particularly Tunisia.[3] The Sarda is considered to be among the best Italian breeds of sheep for production of sheep's milk; most of the milk is used to make pecorino sardo cheese.[3] The Sarda is highly adaptable; it may be kept on lowland or on mountainous terrains, and is suitable both for intensive and for extensive or transhumant management.[3] The long, coarse white wool is used for weaving carpets and other goods.[citation needed]

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries a number of attempts were made to improve the breed by cross-breeding with Merino, Rambouillet, Barbaresca, Gentile di Puglia, Sopravissana and Vissana breeds among others. These experiments invariably had a negative impact on milk production.[3] Recent selection has been aimed at improving the conformation of the udder and at making it more suitable for mechanised milking.[4]

The Sarda is one of the seventeen autochthonous Italian sheep breeds for which a genealogical herdbook is kept by the Associazione Nazionale della Pastorizia, the Italian national association of sheep-breeders.[4] The herdbook was established in 1928. Total numbers for the breed are estimated at 5,000,000;[3] in 2013 the number recorded in the herdbook was 225,207.[5]


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