Sanzhi District

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San-chih; Sanjhih; SanZhi
Sanzhi District
Beach in Sanzhi
Beach in Sanzhi
Sanzhi District in New Taipei City
Sanzhi District in New Taipei City
Coordinates: 25°14′12″N 121°31′31″E / 25.23667°N 121.52528°E / 25.23667; 121.52528Coordinates: 25°14′12″N 121°31′31″E / 25.23667°N 121.52528°E / 25.23667; 121.52528
Country Republic of China (Taiwan)
Region Northern Taiwan
Special municipality New Taipei City
 • Total 65.9968 km2 (25.4815 sq mi)
 (January 2016)
 • Total 23,452
Time zone UTC+8 (CST)
Postal code
Area code(s) 02
Sanzhi District
Chinese 三芝區

Sanzhi District (Chinese: 三芝; pinyin: Sānzhī Qū) is a rural district in northern New Taipei, Taiwan. It is notable as the hometown of the former president Lee Teng-hui.


During the period of Japanese rule, Sanshi Village (三芝庄), and was governed under Tamsui District (淡水郡) of Taihoku Prefecture.

Administrative divisions

The district administers thirteen urban villages:[1][2]

  • Baxian (八賢), Putou (埔頭), Guzhuang (古庄), Xinzhuang (新庄), Puping (埔坪), Maochang[3][4] (茂長), Hengshan (橫山), Xiban (錫板), Houcuo (後厝), Fude (福德), Yuanshan (圓山), Dianzi (店子) and Xinghua (興華) Village.


Tourist attractions


The main road route through Sanzhi is the Provincial Highway No. 2. There are also a number of county-level highways within the district.

Notable natives

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